Company Outing Etiquette

The sun is shining; the weather is hot, and company outing season is in full swing! Events outside of work are a great way to bond with coworkers and have some fun outside of the office. However, there are certain points to remember that will prevent unwanted disasters and keep your career in good graces. Here are a few etiquette rules to follow:
Don’t Be a Trouble Maker
Depending on the venue of the outing, there might be rules or regulations. It’s important to be mindful and respect these rules! Imagine breaking a rule and getting your entire company in trouble…that would be an interesting conversation with your boss on Monday morning! Even if there are no venue rules, be respectful to all of your colleagues and bosses.
Dress to Impress
An unwritten rule (but definitely on the list of the most important) is to dress appropriately. Dress to impress, and don’t reveal too much skin. Sure, there will be some leeway to dress down a little bit, but remember you are attending a business-type event with people you see all day, almost every day!
Drink With Caution
Company outings typically involve alcohol but for the sake of your job, leave the partying for Saturday nights with your friends! Enjoying a few casual drinks is not a problem; in fact, casual drinking can sometimes play a part of socializing in the business world. With that being said, getting out of control is not smart. A safe rule of thumb is to limit drinking to two or three drinks and indulge with caution!
Show up
Although outings might not be mandatory, another unwritten rule is to show up. Usually, there will be announcements regarding times and dates far enough in advance to work around any conflicts. The last thing you want is for your absence to be noted – and it will be! Also, showing up is great, but it’s the bare minimum. If the event offers activities and/or games make sure to participate. Don’t be a Debbie Downer!
Get to Know Your Co-Workers
The whole point of a company outing is to connect with colleagues on a different level. The most important thing is to have fun and pick some brains about subjects other than work! After all, you spend 40 or more hours a week with these wonderful people; take the time to learn more about them beyond their job title. Listen carefully, and remember at least one personal detail about each coworker. It will not only help you remember everyone, but will also be nice to have as a conversation point later on!
Company outings can work in your favor if you behavior appropriately! By considering these points, you will surely have a successful event. Do you have any tips for company outings? Feel free to share below:

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