EHR Implementation: Critical Success Factors

Implementation is the number one factor which affects long-term EHR adoption and success. Get it right, and you’ll be on time, on budget, and experience high clinician satisfaction. Get it wrong, and you’ll be late, over budget, and experience high turnover.

Our guide, produced by experts from both the clinical and operational sides, reveals the secrets to implementation, offering you actionable insights to:

  • Create a detailed total cost of ownership analysis to help you budget accurately.
  • Organize, hire, and empower a well-rounded project team.
  • Establish an attainable timeline with critical milestones.
  • Choose the right go-live sequencing for your organization.
  • Develop a governance model that offers clear roles and responsibilities.

Whether an implementation is in your immediate or long-term future, this guide is for you. Get your copy today to put your organization in a position to succeed.

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