Hire Cost-Effective and Flexible Epic-Certified Talent for Epic EHR Support

Several trends are affecting staffing for employers in the EHR market. Many of these key trends in EHR management hinge on technological advancements. As Patty Riskind of Orbita states, “Forward-thinking provider organizations will more aggressively seek partners to augment their EHRs through fully integrated, consumer-friendly tools that help reduce call volume and alleviate repetitive, manual workflows, resulting in more efficient operations and enhanced staff and patient engagement.” This calls for staff who know how to use such tools and oversee the automation while assuring quality and accuracy.

Another market development affecting how companies staff EHR positions is the increased importance of standardization. As noted by SelectHub, “The ONC urges that the health care sector implement standardized application programming interfaces to make it easier and much more safe for people to use smartphone applications to acquire structured electronic health information.”

Companies will require highly skilled talent to protect patients and ensure standards are met. Let’s explore how working with a specialized staffing agency such as Medix Technology can help your organization overcome market challenges that complicate staffing for Epic EHR roles.

Market Challenges Affecting Epic EHR Staffing

Resource Limitations

EHR staffing requires significant resources, such as in-house technical teams and training programs, to ensure proper implementation of technical standards. This is complicated by the lack of proper planning many organizations experience implementing EHR, which requires strategic preparation and commitment from everyone involved to succeed. When an organization lacks sufficient support staff, or manages employees without a structured governance plan for EHR implementation, issues related to low user adoption and satisfaction, and even patient privacy and safety can occur.

High Total Cost of Ownership

Planning and training aren’t the only challenges impacting Epic EHR staffing. The total cost of ownership for these programs is another hurdle many companies face. Owning and implementing Epic EHR software alone can be costly, but organizations must also budget for ongoing maintenance and use-related costs, such as training employees and implementing updates. This requires certified talent.

Why Medix Technology Makes Epic EHR Staffing Easier and More Reliable

Medix Technology offers two flexible staffing solutions to support your EHR implementation and ongoing support and optimization, minimizing the need for more costly consultants to cover your long-term system administration.

For hard-to-fill full-time positions, we offer MedixDirect.

MedixDirect sources non-certified local talent at a lower cost compared to previously-certified talent and consultants. We identify exceptional candidates, pay to have them certified, and they’re integrated into our client’s team within two months. This way, clients are building their own internal team, while saving up to 40% compared to traditional consultants.

For the highest degree of flexibility, we offer MedixFlex. 

With MedixFlex, healthcare organizations take advantage of subscription-based, Epic-certified analysts with the right skills to match any of their needs at any time. It’s the ultimate way to continuously augment your workforce based on demand and control costs.

Here’s a direct cost comparison between traditional Epic consultants and a mix of MedixFlex and MedixDirect.

10 Traditional Epic Consultants 5 MedixFlex Analysts and 5 MedixDirect Hires
1,880 hours (one year) x $140/hour = $2,632,000 total estimated cost 1,880 hours (one year) x $110/hour for MedixFlex and 2,080 hours (one year) x $95/hour for MedixDirect = $2,022,000 total estimated cost
Total Savings with Medix = $610,000 (23% less)


Note – Total hours per talent may vary. Total savings may vary. MedixDirect analysts can convert to full-time employees at $0 charge after 2,080 billable hours.

When you’re ready to take the leap and build a dedicated, cost-effective Epic-certified team that’s poised for success, contact our EHR staffing experts.

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