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Do you feel relentless pressure to innovate, but also handcuffed by a tight budget? Do you have ongoing implementation or optimization projects related to a CRM, an ERP, cloud engineering, or software development? Regardless of your current or future digital roadmap, Medix Technology can advise you on your resources and supply the contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time technology staff you need to reach your digital transformation goals.

The Challenges in Healthcare IT Staffing

In 2024, hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations face an IT talent shortage. While the overall unemployment rate in the U.S. hovers below 4%, the IT unemployment rate is closer to 3% or less, depending on the source. With some lingering economic uncertainty, we’ll keep a close eye on this number, but for now, it’s relatively low and steady.

More specifically, it’s safe to assume that it’s even more difficult to find technology professionals with healthcare experience. This specialized group not only possesses the technical skills healthcare organizations need, but also a level of familiarity working in a healthcare system. Based on experience, they often have an ability to connect technology to the needs of clinical staff and other end users.

Beyond the talent shortage, two other challenges stand out: rising costs and an increasing demand for flexibility.

The cost of doing business is rising, with interest rates as high as they’ve been in many years, consulting fees continuing to be pricey, and wages trickling up. Not to mention the cost of hardware, software, and licenses related to new technologies. This has put pressure on healthcare technology leadership to change their recruiting efforts and employ more flexible workforces—which is easier said than done.

Partner with Medix Technology to Build a Cost-Effective, Flexible Team

Today, largely because of our 10+ year history of developing a healthcare IT candidate pool and the fact that some consultants have left their employers to go independent, we have access to more high-level talent than ever before. This results in comparable talent and support compared to traditional consulting firms, but at a cost savings of up to 40%.

“Consulting firms have an obvious role in any large healthcare technology project. At Medix Technology, we’re here to complement them, especially once a project shifts from strategy to implementation,” said Jeb Corley, Medix Technology’s Vice President of Information Technology. “We can help assess when this point is and what type of talent is needed moving forward.”

In addition to helping clients access specialized talent and reduce costs, we’re helping them create a new level of long-term flexibility. All too often, healthcare organizations rely too heavily on full-time talent, consuming much of their budget and preventing them from adapting to situations.

With our focus on contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time talent, we enable organizations to better control costs and quickly scale up and down based on market conditions, patient volumes, project demands, and more. And we can do this at any stage, from deep in the planning and strategy stage, alongside consulting firms, to the implementation and post-live optimization phases. 

Think of us as your long-term partner for every step of your digital transformation.

You can learn more about our healthcare IT advisory and staffing services here.

We also invite you to watch our brief video, “Drive Healthcare IT Success by Partnering with Medix Technology,” which is part of our Digital Healthcare Technology Virtual Summit.

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