Innovative Staffing Solutions for Common Epic EHR Support Needs

Your Epic EHR is only as efficient and impactful as the support staff behind it. Ultimately, it’s their training, responsiveness, and interactions with clinicians that dictate the return on perhaps your organization’s biggest technology investment.

Here are the six most common reasons for Epic support needs, along with Medix Technology’s innovative Epic EHR staffing solutions.

  • Aligning with Organizational Growth. If your healthcare organization has growth plans related to mergers and acquisitions, new construction, and/or patient volume, you must consider how to scale Epic and the resources it will require. Resources will vary based on the number of new Epic connections that will need to be created.
  • Providing Ongoing Training. Training doesn’t end at the go-live date. It should be ongoing, including regular training sessions to promote efficiencies, along with training related to major enhancements. It’s critical to strike the right balance; KLAS typically recommends seven hours of onboarding training and 2-4 hours of annual training, per provider.
  • Running a Help Desk. Running an Epic EHR help desk demands comprehensive support to address user queries, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure uninterrupted system functionality. Skilled support teams are essential to providing timely assistance and maintaining a responsive environment.
  • Optimizing and Upgrading. Epic optimization requires dedicated, certified staff for continuous improvement. Expert guidance in customization, module upgrades, and workflow optimization is crucial. Ongoing optimization ensures that the EHR aligns with evolving healthcare needs, enhancing overall performance for improved patient care and organizational success.
  • Maximizing Clinician Satisfaction. With Epic comes change management and support. To ensure a high level of adoption and end-user satisfaction, it’s critical to offer the best support possible. This requires certified staff to collect feedback from clinicians, empathize with users, and enhance workflows and various other elements to their liking.
  • Achieving Epic Quality Goals. Assuming you have Epic quality goals, you will need sufficient support to reach them. Epic’s Gold Star program, for example, requires substantial optimization to achieve 10 gold stars, which signifies excellence in implementation, utilization, and continuous adherence to best practices.

Medix Technology’s Innovative Staffing Solutions for Epic EHR Support Needs

Medix Technology is a trusted Epic EHR staffing partner. We have approximately 20 years of experience working on Epic implementations and support efforts at hospitals and health systems across the country, perfecting two innovative staffing solutions along the way:

  • MedixDirect – We build new talent pools by identifying non-Epic certified talent from your local market with a strong likelihood to succeed on an Epic project. We pay to have them certified, and place them at your organization at a fraction of the cost of traditional consultants. If you feel they are a good fit for your support team, you can convert them to full-time employment at no cost.
  • MedixFlex – With MedixFlex, you can subscribe to Epic-certified talent when you need it, based on optimization and support demand, for any type of project or ongoing initiative. This allows you to “flex” up and down as needs arise.

Each of these solutions, and particularly both of them working in concert with one another, offer measurable cost efficiency and flexibility. You’ll receive certified and qualified specialists, including application analysts, curriculum designers, principal trainers, project managers, and other support and training staff, right when you need them—all while maintaining the highest level of support.

Learn more about how MedixDirect and MedixFlex are the answer to your most common, and critical, Epic EHR support needs. Contact us today.

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