Introducing David Fraser, Medix Technology’s Head of Implementation Planning

Medix Technology is proud to introduce our new Head of Implementation Planning – David Fraser! As a healthcare expert with years of Epic experience and a keen eye on global trends, David is poised to make an immediate impact as a part of our growing team.

In a recent conversation, we asked David to share his career story and where he believes the future of healthcare technology will lead us. Check out the interview below to get to know the newest member of the Medix Technology team – David Fraser! 

Can you tell us about your career path so far?

“I started my career at Epic, where I spent almost a decade across a variety of different roles. As many do, I started in implementation where I installed the EpicCare Inpatient application at Sparrow Health System in Lansing, Michigan. Shortly after, I moved into implementation management where I oversaw the deployment of Epic’s enterprise software at large health systems. I did this for several years, notably at Lehigh Valley Health Network and Jefferson Health in Pennsylvania. 

After wearing a number of hats in implementation from Application Coordinator to Implementation Director to Implementation Executive to BFF, I shifted gears and moved into the pre-implementation and sales world at Epic. I began work on the implementation planning team, a team that led all pre-implementation planning, pricing, staffing, and other associated activities. After about a year I took over as the lead for this team to oversee this process across Epic sales. This was a tremendous experience that afforded me the opportunity to work with and visit a variety of different groups and countries in Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, UK, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Vietnam, and more. With a small team, we won several large procurements such as the national tender in Singapore, the central region of Norway, and the two largest trusts in the NHS (UK). 

After working across a number of international and large domestic procurements over several years, I reached a stage in my career where I wanted a new challenge. Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I joined Notable Health, a small company at an exciting stage of growth, to lead implementation, customer success, and support. Notable operated across the healthcare continuum as a complement to the EHR to improve healthcare workers’ efficiency and the patient experience. This next frontier that health systems tend to focus on after maturing their EHR solution was a perfect opportunity for me to cut my teeth on starting a division, implementation process, and team from scratch. At Notable, I partnered with my team to convert a pilot with Intermountain Healthcare into an enterprise contract where we deployed our solution offering across their clinics. This invigorating growth continued through my time with the organization as we grew our team, customer base, and solution offering exponentially.”

Why did you decide to join our team?

“It was a very tough decision to leave Notable, but the opportunity with Medix Technology was too good to pass up! I decided to join the Medix team for the people, the business model, and the alignment of my skill set with Medix’s next phase of growth. 

I’ll talk about the last of those three in a bit, but first, the people. I first met some members of the Medix team back in 2016 and I quickly observed their relationship with Epic employees was different than any other consulting firm I’d seen. They bought into the Epic model and values and developed a strong relationship with their counterparts at Epic to help their customers realize their shared goals. They weren’t pushy, they had fun, and they were genuine. I got to know Luke McGinn, Eric Born, Tony Catalano, and the rest of the team over the next few years as we crossed paths on Epic installs and sales. I remember thinking what a great sense of community their team seemed to have and how well they worked with each other. After those experiences, I knew that if this is what their leadership team was like, the values and culture held across the team would be something that I’m looking for. 

The second, the business model. The MedixDirect® model is a strategy I’ve always identified with. By building the health system’s team for long-term success and staff placement, it’s a process that values team growth as opposed to temporarily plugging leaky holes that are sure to start leaking again once they leave. Domestically and internationally, this will continue to be a need for health systems, and I’m excited to join the Medix technology team to help organizations modernize and optimize their healthcare IT ecosystem and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.”

What will your role be as a part of the Medix Technology team?

“I am taking on a title I’ve held before – Head of Implementation Planning. I will be bringing my years of experience in healthcare and at Epic in the pre-implementation space to oversee these functions for Medix Technology. I’m excited to be involved across a variety of opportunities and deployments, and I also expect to provide leadership as Medix takes on its next stage of growth into international markets.”

What are you most passionate about when it comes to healthcare today?

“My focus is definitely on making things more accessible for the patient. This includes improving the areas of ease of scheduling an appointment with the right provider, understanding the cost of a procedure and paying the patient liability, accessing medical records regardless of where you’re seen, understanding your condition as a patient, and being able to weigh potential treatment options with a clear understanding of prior case outcomes. I’m excited to see the journey that EHR vendors and third parties take over the coming years to continue to modernize the healthcare experience for the patient now that the base EHR is well established across specialties and functions.”

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