Medical Assistant Professional Organizations To Join

No matter the career path, networking is essential. One of the best ways to network with other professionals is through joining professional organizations and groups focused on the industry you work in. Medical assistants can join a variety of professional organizations on a national, state or local level. No matter which you choose, getting connected with other medical assistant professionals is necessary to achieve career growth. 

American Association of Medical Assistants 

The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) is one of the largest professional organizations for medical assistants. There are different types of membership plans depending on what stage medical assistants are at in their career. Medical assistants still pursuing their certification can apply for year one or two membership, while certified medical assistants can apply for active membership. Medical assistants who are not yet certified and not yet active in a certification course are also welcome to apply for membership as an associate member. Membership to AAMA comes with perks such as discounted medical assistant examinations, networking opportunities and information on continued education. It’s also a great resume builder.  

State and Local Association Chapters

Many states have their own AAMA chapters. Each state has a president overseeing the chapter, and many states also have regional chapters that report into the state. For example, Illinois has nine regional chapters representing members in Aux Plaines, Central Illinois, Chicago, the Illinois Valley, Lincolnland, the Mississippi Valley, Northwest Cook County, Rockford and Southern Illinois. Each of these regional and state chapters allows medical assistants to connect with others, network, volunteer and keep up to date on industry happenings. 

Academic Sponsored Medical Assistant Organizations 

For medical assistants who are in the process of obtaining their certification or specialization, many academic institutions offer school sponsored medical assistant organizations. These organizations are usually in conjunction with a medical assistant certification program and provide resources such as resume review, interview help and career assistance. These programs may also help connect aspiring medical assistants to local healthcare organizations or staffing partners to assist in the job search process. These organizations are great to stay in contact with even after completing a certification or specialization program. They provide excellent networking opportunities and the ability to stay in touch with a medical assistant’s chosen educational institution. 

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