Medix Celebrates National Staffing Employee Week 2022!

Medix is joining staffing companies across the United States in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week 2022 this September.

A Thank You to the Staffing Industry

The American Staffing Association’s National Staffing Employee Week celebrates the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing agencies. During this special week, staffing agencies from across the nation host special events honoring their greatest asset: their temporary and contract employees. In that spirit, our team is sharing a video featuring Andrew Limouris, Medix President & CEO, and Kristen Liberio, Vice President of Delivery, offering a message of thanks to our hardworking talent.

Talent and Recruiters: Building Careers in Staffing

In addition to sending our appreciation out to the job seekers who have trusted Medix with their careers, we’re also spotlighting the special relationship between recruiters and talent. Here are a few stories from Medix recruiters Marissa, Ryan and Mackenzie, along with the perspectives shared by the talent they have worked with – Sherita, Nelson and Kevin:

Marissa, Medix Recruiter: “Sherita was an amazing talent from the get-go. She was out of work, looking and trying to get back to it. Now, she is doing an amazing job. She is a joy to work with, and I am thankful for our relationship!”

Sherita, Medix Talent: “After being out of work for 18 months, I was ready to go back. Then, I came in contact with my recruiter Marissa. She was very attentive to what I wanted in my job search. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to work with her. Medix is a great place to get your job search underway.”

Ryan, Medix Recruiter: “Nelson is from Venezuela and came to the U.S to have a better life for his family and advance in his medical career. Nelson was offered a position as a Bilingual Medical Assistant. The feedback that I have received from him, as well as what his managers have said about him, could not put more of a smile on my face. We have grown a great partnership together!”

Nelson, Medix Talent: “Working with Medix gave me the chance to restart my life in the medical field. My deep passion to help others has been my main priority since I graduated back in Venezuela. I received a call from Ryan and, from that moment on, he made sure that I found a great place to work. Now, I am working at one of the most prestigious health companies in the United States.”

Mackenzie, Medix Recruiter: “Kevin had been searching for a healthcare informatics role, but had no luck . We discussed an analyst role with a large client of ours that utilizes our MedixDirect® program, which certifies healthcare professionals for work in the EHR space – even without prior experience. He eventually won the job and is doing extremely well in the role!”

Kevin, Medix Talent: “When Medix first reached out to me, I was a bit puzzled by how they thought I was a good fit for the position they had in mind. But after speaking with Kenzie Wray, I decided to give this new career path in Health IT a shot. Now, I truly enjoy my new job and am so happy I replied to that first message.”

Celebrating Staffing Employees Now and Throughout the Year 

For everyone story we are able to sharing during National Staffing Employee Week, there are millions more that go untold. To all of the professionals making a positive impact on our country in the staffing industry – thank you for all that you do! You are the superheroes of your career story. We are honored to be your staffing sidekicks through it all.

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