Medix Partners with Prominent Site Network for CTMS Integration – Achieving Successful Migration of Over 160 Trials

Struggling with handling numerous clinical trial protocols due to the use of various Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) across multiple sites, the client sought assistance in centralizing protocol management. Medix created a customized and tailored solution that allowed the client to seamlessly transition to a universal platform for protocol access while fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration, positioning the client for ongoing success in the evolving clinical research field. 

About the Client

  • Prominent site network and leader in cancer research
  • Headquartered in a major metropolitan area
  • Has served over 200,000 patients

The Challenge

The client faced a significant hurdle in managing a plethora of clinical trial protocols. With each site operating on disparate Clinical Trial Management Systems, collaboration and efficiency were hindered. The client urgently required a centralized platform to streamline protocol access and facilitate collaboration among teams spread across various CTMS systems.

The Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the client partnered with Medix, a leading life sciences staffing agency with decades of clinical trial experience. 

Medix swiftly devised a strategy to consolidate protocols onto a single, centralized CTMS. Leveraging a deep expertise in CTMS integration, Medix seamlessly transferred protocols from multiple systems onto the designated platform. To expedite the transition, Medix identified and deployed a team of highly skilled CTMS analysts, comprising three seasoned professionals, on one-year contracts.

The Results

In just the first month on the project, Medix’s dedicated team successfully migrated an entire site, encompassing over 160 trials, to the new CTMS. 

Medix’s proactive approach and meticulous attention to detail ensured a smooth transition, exceeding the client’s expectations. Furthermore, Medix continues to play a pivotal role in integrating new systems with existing trials, further enhancing operational efficiency and collaboration across the organization.

With Medix’s comprehensive suite of life sciences solutions, our experts are ready to help you navigate the evolving needs of the clinical research industry. Contact us today to learn more.  

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