MedixDirect: 3 Stories of Epic Career Transformations from Medix Technology Talent

At Medix Technology, our core purpose is “Positively Impacting Lives.” For our team, it is not just a sentence on a wall, but very much a part of everything we do at Medix – including our solution offerings and the career opportunities we create for job seekers. Living proof of this commitment to purpose is our MedixDirect® program.

About MedixDirect

MedixDirect helps identify top performers in local job markets that have the potential to excel in Epic Analyst roles. In many cases, these candidates would never be considered under ordinary circumstances. In a working world where recruiting has become increasingly keyword-centric, individuals without Epic build experience on their resume are not even considered by many healthcare organizations. Our program helps our clients expand their hiring strategies by identifying local talent who are hardwired for success in these roles, but have little chance of being considered through traditional hiring practices.  

While we’re proud of the process we’ve developed to connect our clients with top talent, nothing tells the story of this success better than the experiences of those who have excelled in real life project settings.

Here are stories of three of our talent who found new opportunities through MedixDirect: 

Kevin, MD Lead Analyst

When Medix first reached out about an Epic opportunity, Kevin’s first reaction was to say, “I don’t know anything about Epic.” However, this conversation started him on a path that challenged him professionally. “There was limited opportunity where I was at, “he said. “I almost felt trapped.” 

Now, Kevin has been doing impactful work as part of a great team. Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not a standard Epic build. However, the work being remotely is something Kevin says he’s proud of. 

“Medix provided me one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had in my career.”

Kailin, MD Analyst

Kailin was previously a project coordinator working in billing departments. When asked about her work experience prior to connecting with the MedixDirect program, Kaitlin remarked, “I was at a very discouraged place and not working up to my potential. I had zero Epic experience and never thought they would look at me for a role like this.”

When the opportunity came to take on an Epic project, Kaitlin was nervous to make the leap. Even though she never imagined herself working in IT, she went for it. After three promotions in her first three years, Kaitlin now is confident in saying that taking on the role of analyst was the best career decision she ever made. 

“I love what I do. I’m fascinated by how integrated Epic is and how the changes flow together in the system. Learning the ins and outs of the system challenged me and my thinking.  Now, I feel like I am positively impacting the lives of patients by how we build in the system to better support the claims process.”

Meghan, MD Analyst

Meghan was working as a program director at a wound care center. She decided that it was time to expand into a leadership role to better utilize her love of coaching others. Unfortunately, she had no prior IT experience. “Nothing on my resume would have triggered anyone to hire me for a job like this,” she said. 

Then, she saw a job posting for an analyst role. Even though the thought of the process of completing the Epic Sphinx test, a culture scan and structured interview terrified her, she applied. She was ready for the challenge. After pushing herself to succeed, she made it through the rigorous process and took the first step in her new career path. 

“People come in with all sorts of backgrounds with this hiring method, not just the technical skill sets.  We have a lot of functional and operational knowledge on our team that makes us very strong,” said Meghan, who now holds a leadership role overseeing multiple analysts working in a multi-state/multi-site implementation.

“The biggest thing for me is I didn’t know my options, and this program opened up a whole new world of opportunity.”

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