The Most Forgotten Budget Line Item for an EHR Implementation

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A budget consists of the direct costs of an EHR, along with consulting, hardware, staff, workspaces, and more. Accurately budgeting for each of these line items is challenging, yet critical to ensuring a cost-effective and efficient project.

There’s one line item that stands out the most—largely because it’s too often forgotten yet critically important for long-term EHR success and user satisfaction. It’s something you must get right. What is it? Watch our very own Dr. Patty discuss it.

For much more on training budgets and the entire implementation process, watch Dr. Patty and other EHR experts in our full webinar: “The EHR Cause & Effect: How Today’s Implementation Makes or Breaks Tomorrow’s Success.

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EHR implementation comes with a significant price tag, ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars for a small provider practice to hundreds of millions of dollars on the total cost of ownership for a large health system.

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