Partnering for Trial Success: The Medix Advantage

On top of operational duties, the sponsors, coordinators, and other research professionals who participate in clinical trials must contend with common challenges such as staff turnover and patient dropout. Because these obstacles add layers of intricacy to an already complicated process, to the extent that they can bring a study to a halt, many organizations have partnered with trusted life sciences recruitment agencies such as Medix to help navigate these challenges. 

A comprehensive suite of services, personalized support, and more than 20 years of expertise have distinguished Medix as a premier staffing solution for clinical researchers. Discover how our experience with staffing and site solutions can accelerate your trial startup and drive it to completion.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

The breadth and depth of services we offer at Medix encompass a comprehensive suite of offerings that touch on every aspect of the clinical trial life cycle, from planning to completion. Whether you represent the sponsor, the clinical research organization, or a trial site, Medix can deliver key services that propel your project to success.

For Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations

Much of a trial’s success depends on its foundation of planning as well as staffing, patient recruitment, study implementation, and data management. Whichever side of the dynamic you’re on, consider some of the ways that Medix can support your trial’s initiation, operation, and management.

  • Feasibility and planning: Feasibility and planning are about assessing the likelihood of achieving your trial’s completion and objectives within specific timelines and costs. The Medix team is available to lend two decades’ worth of institutional knowledge to help you strategize your execution plan.
  • Site enablement: As the trial gets underway, we offer tailored solutions to help you set up trial sites, comply with regulatory standards, broaden visibility to prospective participants, and generally facilitate your groundwork for facilitating trial objectives.
  • Clinical operations: As a life sciences staffing agency, Medix has cultivated a vast pool of talent, numbering in the millions. We provide access to our talent pool so that you can quickly and effectively fill key operational roles, including clinical trial associates, clinical trial managers, clinical project managers, and study startup specialists.
  • Site resource augmentation: Your resource requirements may change as the trial progresses, so Medix sticks by you throughout the life cycle to help you augment your staff and patient population as needed. Our expertise and expediency go a long way toward ensuring that your trial experiences minimal delays and optimum continuity.
  • Trial decentralization: The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated an alternative to on-site clinical trials, resulting in broader use of the decentralized clinical trial model. Medix Staffing Solutions is both happy and equipped to support your decentralized trial implementation, as our talent pool includes multitudes of in-home, remote, and travel candidates.
  • Study rescue: When a trial faces roadblocks, Medix’s mobilized staff does what’s necessary to identify root causes, surmount challenges, and bring the study to a conclusion.
  • Physician services: In addition to operational talent, we maintain a roster of experienced physicians who can provide valuable oversight for your research studies, helping ensure that your data remains consistent and accurate.
For Sites

A site’s suitability for a trial depends on numerous factors — its facility and equipment, its location and population profile, and its past performance, to name a few. In addition to operational and physician services for building robust study teams, Medix can elevate your site’s status for trial-readiness via:

  • Finance and contracts: Our industry expertise allows us to provide reliable guidance for finance and contract processes, allowing you to expedite your site startup.
  • Data and regulatory affairs: The same goes for the data and regulatory side of trial operation. Our deep familiarity with evolving standards is instrumental in helping you remain compliant.
  • Patient recruitment: Our marketing experts increase your site’s visibility to prospective participants, while our recruitment services ensure that you have a sufficient patient population.
  • Therapeutic staff: Medix connects you with the specialists you need to execute complicated trials, including trial raters and imaging readers.
  • In-home services: Given the rise of decentralized clinical trials, we also offer mobilized and remote solutions that enable patients to participate from their homes.

Personalized Support and Superior Results

No two clients or trials have precisely the same needs, which is why Medix tailors every solution to the circumstances at hand. Because our process is comprehensive, we work with your organization from the beginning of the trial life cycle to understand your goals, challenges, and preferences. All our consultation and staffing efforts go toward fulfilling the requirements you’ve laid out for us.

Our MyPrint assessment is a prime example of how our personalized support achieves superior results. MyPrint analyzes candidates’ soft skills to determine how closely they align with your needs. By identifying talent that fits neatly into your ecosystem, we increase the odds of high performance and retention. With a lower dropout rate, your trial stands better odds of avoiding costly delays, maintaining continuity, and achieving its objectives.

Streamline the Complexities in Your Clinical Trial

The ideal partnership with a recruitment agency allows you to focus your resources on operations. Medix makes that possible with a comprehensive suite of personalized services that unburden you of costly and time-consuming responsibilities. Reach out to Medix today to discover how we can streamline the complexities in your next clinical trial.

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