Podcast: How to Navigate the Medical Assistant Job Search

Is it any surprise that medical assistants are in high demand? These healthcare professionals do a little bit of everything. From administrative tasks to clinical care, they are critical to the patient experience. Their versatility and variety of skills also allows MAs to work in a vast number of settings. Long story short, there’s nothing but opportunity out there for those pursuing a medical assistant job search.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that it comes without challenges. Thankfully, hiring experts like Medix Regional Recruitment Director, Theron Mekelburg, are here to help. He joined the Medix Impact Podcast to share his take on today’s hiring landscape and the outlook for the future. He also shares ways MAs can advance their careers through pursuing certifications and honing in on areas of focus

Tune in below to hear expert tips from Theron on how to navigate the medical assistant job search. You can also find the Medix Impact Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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