Quickly Staff Up to Meet Demand With an Insurance Staffing Partner

The health insurance industry faces several developments in 2024 that will likely affect staffing efforts for employers. For example, Eliot Partnership notes the significant increase in emphasis on customer care, “Insurance professionals in 2024 must be skilled in building strong relationships, listening actively to customers’ needs, and offering innovative solutions.” This will call for the staffing of talent who prioritize customer service and know how to interact with customers effectively and productively. This ensures they feel satisfied with their coverage and helps maintain the company’s customer base.

Another key trend in the health insurance market that will impact staffing is the growing use of artificial intelligence. The Insurance Journal explains, “Artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine learning have increasingly integrated into insurtech for risk assessment, pricing, underwriting, fraud detection, and customer service. In 2024, these technologies are expected to become more sophisticated, offering more personalized and accurate insurance products.” 

For some insight on how to navigate these trends, consider why working with a staffing agency such as Medix could be your ideal solution.

Market Challenges Affecting Health Insurance Staffing

Finding Specialized Talent 

This is a key challenge in the health insurance market, as employers must find individuals with a balance of technical insurance expertise and soft skills, such as customer service and communication. Retaining talent is another main concern in the industry since employees who join the industry and experience burnout have the potential to leave their positions. This can end up costing insurance companies a significant amount of money in turnover costs because they’ll need to pay for offboarding employees and the hiring costs to replace them.

Adapting to Changes

The ability to adapt to changes in the industry is also a challenge health insurance employers face in the staffing market. Changes such as the implementation of AI and the development of policies that require new responsibilities can seem daunting to some candidates. Hiring staff who seem open to challenges but show resistance to them once hired can be a massive setback for employers, as it calls for extra expenses such as specialized skills training or replacing staff who leave because the challenges are too difficult. 

When a health insurance company hires a combination of full-time employees and contract workers, this can foster the additional challenge of balancing the needs of the two different workforces. From organizing schedules to managing payroll, there’s a lot more to think about when employing both contract and full-time employees in health insurance.

How Medix Can Help You Build a Strong, Reliable Insurance Staff

Find Highly-Skilled Candidates

With more than 20 years of specialization in the healthcare industry, Medix knows the market and the type of talent you’ll need for your insurance company. Working with Medix can help you unlock new talent pools that showcase highly-skilled candidates. The team’s commitment to specialized insurance recruiting also helps you retain talent, as you’ll get to assess candidates’ performance and culture fit before hiring them permanently. Using our MyPrint candidate assessment, we’ll source dedicated candidates who we know can fit into your company culture well.

Control Costs by Relying on the Right Blend of Contract and Full-Time Talent

Medix will also help you balance your full-time and temporary contract staff, giving you on-demand access to productivity metrics, project spending, and real-time tracking of talent hours. Your recruitment team will even handle much of the hard work for you, such as payroll management, scheduling, and onboarding, so you can focus on building revenue and helping your team succeed. We’re also prepared to help your new staff adapt to changes, offering support through business growth, policy changes, and seasonal shifts in employment.

Finding and retaining specialized talent, balancing flexible workforces, and adapting to changes in the insurance industry are just a few of the many staffing challenges Medix can help you overcome. This will help you reduce hiring risks and access the talent you’ve been looking for in terms of skills, culture fit, and real-world experience in the insurance industry. By working with Medix, you’ll see better revenue collections as you build a qualified and dedicated staff for your health insurance company. 

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