Solving Common Workforce Challenges with a Healthcare Staffing Partner

As the demand for qualified allied health professionals continues to rise, healthcare organizations are turning to flexible staffing solutions to meet their workforce needs and control costs. Here at Medix, we specialize in allied healthcare staffing, and we offer flexibility with different staffing solutions for your most common workforce challenges.

Temporary Staffing – When You Have Short-Term or Seasonal Needs

Temporary staffing is the right solution for healthcare facilities facing short-term staffing shortages or seasonal spikes in patient volume. It can even be leveraged when a health system, hospital, or clinic experiences unexpected vacancies due to illness, maternity leave, or other reasons. Temporary allied health professionals can often step in seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.

Moreover, temporary staffing allows you to maintain flexibility in adjusting staffing levels based on fluctuating demand. This flexibility is particularly crucial during peak seasons or when unexpected events like COVID-19 occur. You can fill specific roles with skilled professionals without the long-term commitment or budget hit. And you can reduce your investment in recruiting and hiring by partnering with an agency like Medix.

A Recent Example: At the beginning of flu season, we saw a major spike in demand for temporary medical assistants. With the flu, RSV, and COVID hitting simultaneously, it was the only cost-effective way to manage patient volumes, both for vaccines and to be treated for symptoms.

Temporary-to-Permanent/Direct Hire Staffing – When Proven Talent is Called on to Meet Demand

The temporary-to-permanent staffing model offers healthcare organizations an opportunity to assess a candidate’s fit for a permanent position before making a long-term commitment. This approach is beneficial when organizations want to ensure a good cultural fit and observe one’s adaptability within the specific work environment. Think of it as a blend of temporary staffing and pipeline building.

For allied health positions that demand a high level of specialization, such as sonographers or surgical technologists, temporary-to-permanent staffing enables you to test their hard/technical skills on the job and make well-informed decisions about permanent placements.

A Recent Example: We’ve had multiple clients use this approach for critical, specialized positions. They were confident in our ability to find the right candidate, but before making a full-time offer, they wanted an actual working sample in their environment, with their fast pace and fluctuating patient volumes.

Full-Time Staffing – When You Need to Fill a Full-Time Role to Accommodate Growth or Combat Turnover

Full-time allied health staffing is the traditional approach to building a stable, consistent workforce. This model is suitable for roles where a continuous and reliable presence is essential, and budgets are set for hiring.

Healthcare organizations benefit from full-time staffing by fostering a sense of continuity in patient relationships and improving overall team cohesion. Full-time allied health professionals often have the opportunity to develop specialized expertise in their roles, even contributing to improved patient experiences and outcomes over time.

A Recent Example: As America’s population has aged and more people have received healthcare coverage, we’ve seen a steady rise in the demand for a number of full-time positions across imaging, laboratory, surgical services, pharmacy, and more. Many organizations have seen (and continue to project) enough of an increase in patient volume to justify hiring more full-time staff.

Partner with Medix

Chances are, your organization can benefit from all three of these staffing solutions—if you haven’t already. While the solutions themselves aren’t necessarily unique, our approach to delivering them is.

  • We specialize in allied healthcare staffing. We have 3+ million candidates in our talent pool, affording us the ability to staff common positions like medical assistants and more difficult-to-find roles like EKG technologists, pharmacy technicians, sterile processing technicians, and more.
  • We focus on improving your fill and retention rates. You need talent who fit dozens of criteria—from skills to values to vision. At Medix, we use expert vetting and validation combined with our MyPrint candidate assessment to gauge performance and long-term fit.
  • We have 20+ years of experience. We know the industry. We have a special ability to connect with candidates and understand your needs. And not just for quick-to-fill positions. We can help you balance your entire allied staff between full-time and contingent labor for years to come.

To tell us about your immediate or long-term allied staffing needs, contact us here.

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