Staffing for Open Enrollment Success: Four Must-Haves from Your Staffing Partner

Even with a comprehensive staffing plan to guide recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, managing the staffing required for open enrollment can be challenging. That’s why partnering with a capable staffing agency like Medix is essential to streamline the process. Find out what to look for in a competent staffing agency.

The Surge of Open Enrollment: Navigating Challenges and Preparing for Success

Open enrollment is a critical period for health plans and insurance companies, and it’s always approaching. As soon as one season ends, these organizations must prepare for the next one to start.

Preparation requires careful steps. It involves analyzing organizational goals, identifying gaps and needs, scouring the applicant pool, attracting qualified candidates, and onboarding new employees. Because of the process’s time- and resource-consuming nature, the constancy of preparation, and the quantity of health plan customers, building a sizable, capable staff before November arrives can be a tremendous challenge.

The Role of Staffing Partners: The Necessity and the Benefits

With the right staffing partner, you can guarantee total readiness for any open enrollment period. Adhering to the parameters of your organization’s new hire checklist, a skilled staffing agency like Medix matches you with the right talent by reviewing applications, screening talent, arranging interviews, and engaging with candidates throughout the hiring process. The trusted staffing partner also applies the criteria of your onboarding checklist to guide new-employee integration.

All of these efforts help ensure you have the personnel and support necessary to manage the surge of potential new customers. They also allow your organization to realize measurable benefits, such as:

  • Faster, More Flexible Hiring: A staffing agency like Medix takes the reins on recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. These activities constitute a lengthy, resource-heavy effort. Screening resumes for essential qualifications can take weeks to months, considering that applications for a single role can number in the hundreds.
    • The open enrollment preparation also involves coordinative challenges, as health plan organizations require a diverse labor mix of full-time, part-time, on-site, and off-site staff. Plus, the requirements can shift at any time. At some point, an insurance company may need more staff than it anticipated.
    • A seasoned staffing partner focuses on all these hiring particulars on the health plan’s behalf. While the existing staff performs its ordinary operations, the staffing agency works full time to coordinate activities and meet hiring needs as they arise.
  • Cost Savings: Working with a staffing partner is an investment that provides a substantial financial return. It eliminates the need for the existing staff to work overtime for recruitment and hiring. The labor mix allows for savings on costs associated with benefits, liability, payroll, and other overhead factors. The flexibility of scaling the workforce up or down as needed means a company has precisely the number of employees it needs, avoiding bloat.
  • A Better-Qualified Workforce: A great staffing partner has access to a significant talent pool. Using time-tested screening techniques, the agency can identify candidates with the ideal skills, expertise, and credentials for a given role. As a result, each new hire who comes through the agency is likely to be of a higher quality than those found otherwise.

Staffing Partner Checklist: Four Elements of Partnering With a Staffing Agency

An organization must ensure that its staffing partner can meet its needs. To that end, we’ve provided this checklist to help identify a high-caliber staffing agency.

A qualified staffing partner has:

  • Expertise in the field: Only firsthand knowledge can suitably acclimate an organization to the demands of the health insurance industry and the trends related to healthcare staffing.
  • Familiarity with the open enrollment process: Similarly, experience with open enrollment staffing is essential for comprehending the roles and urgency associated with the season.
  • The ability to deliver quality talent as needed: To hire effectively across the labor mix, a staffing partner must have access to a broad talent pool. That way, it can meet an organization’s needs as they arise.
  • The necessary support services: The agency addresses every aspect of the staffing process. Aside from recruitment, screening, interviewing, and onboarding, the ideal partner also covers domains such as references and background checks.


Choosing the right staffing partner is critical to achieving open enrollment success. With over 20 years’ experience, Medix is an award winning healthcare insurance staffing agency with tools, capabilities, and experience to prepare your health plan organization for any contingency.

With a deep candidate pool of specialized health insurance talent, you can trust Medix to help you find the right staff to handle the volume and goals for your open enrollment.

We can help you find the right staff to handle the volume for open enrollment and reach your goals. Get in touch with our insurance team today.

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