Strategies for Driving Budget Efficiencies with a Staffing Partner

With the possibility of recession always present, companies must consider how to continue to thrive in an uncertain economy. Reduced budgets, lower FTE and layoffs all present challenges to businesses during times of recession. Add in the Great Resignation, staffing gaps and an unpredictable economy, and it’s more important than ever to think strategically about how to use budgets efficiently and effectively. 

Working with a staffing partner such as Medix is a cost-effective way companies can meet business goals. With insights on pay rates, access to top candidates, transparency and flexibility, Medix helps businesses maximize their budgets and overcome staffing challenges. 

Deep market-level data and insights to understand pay rates

Pay rates can be complicated. With inflation and ever-changing talent supply and demand, inflation, determining the market rate for employees can be difficult. Medix has extensive market-level data and insight to help understand pay rates. By understanding each candidate and assessing the position and market trends, we work with you to determine a pay rate that benefits both you and your potential employees. In addition, Medix recruiters act as mediators between you and potential talent to find a rate that works for all. With this expertise, you can use your staffing budget efficiently.

Find talent when you need it most.

Time is money and the Great Resignation is real. Over 46 million people left their jobs last year, and on top of that, the average cost of hiring and onboarding an employee is $4,700. Medix can help you find top talent when you need it most. With a team of talented recruiters, we are able to locate and place candidates quickly, taking the stress off your shoulders and off your budget. As one Medix client puts it, “Medix has been great to work with. They have sent us quality candidates in a timely manner when we were desperate for employees.” Finding talent doesn’t have to be costly and difficult. We’re here to help. 

Transparency into project and talent costs.

Transparency is important, especially when it comes to monitoring costs during times of economic uncertainty. Medix’s digital platform, Aha!, provides real time insights into talent costs. A free tool for Medix clients, Aha! offers multiple benefits including job order management, visibility into the recruiting process and the ability to communicate with talent via text messaging and email. Clients can access real-time data to help optimize budgeting, spend and performance of teams, as well as conveniently access other tools such as talent timecards. Medix offers transparency and technology to help our clients see where their money is going and determine what strategies work best for them. 

Flexibility in short-term and long-term staffing solutions.

Your business is unique. Medix understands that your staffing needs require flexibility, particularly in today’s economic environment. By offering contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement options, we work with you to find employees that best match your evolving staffing needs and budget. Temporary employees are an excellent way to provide extra help when needed without the commitment of a full time employee. In addition, temporary employees are provided with benefits through Medix, a cost that accounts for an average of 30% of an employee’s total compensation. Whether you need more employees during a short, busy season, a one-time project, or for longer-term business needs, Medix is here to help. 

Efficient budget utilization is incredibly important during times of economic uncertainty. Staffing challenges have the ability to negatively impact your budget and your bottom line. Working with a trusted staffing partner like Medix can help alleviate these challenges and create budget efficiency across your organization. Combining hiring market data, access to top candidates, transparency and flexibility, we can help your businesses maximize their budgets and overcome staffing challenges even in the most challenging of times.

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