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Domestic regulations in the medical device engineering industry have re-tightened since the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are compliance issues with EU medical device regulations. Given these concerns, many companies in the sector have increased their speed to market so they can maintain an edge against competitors vying to overtake and own niches. 

To remain viable in the medical devices space, your organization must establish a robust and scalable workforce in every area of product development. Your competitors have the same objective, so you need an advantage to stay ahead. Linking with a trusted staffing partner may be the ace up your sleeve that you need. 

3 Major Challenges in Medical Device Engineering Staffing

Here are three major challenges confronting the medical device engineering industry:

Finding and Retaining Talent

The life cycle of medical device development is long, with multiple stages containing their own milestones. Successful execution of the cycle hinges on a skilled workforce at every step. The difficulty is finding the right talent for your needs and retaining it throughout.

Process Cost and Efficiency

Developing and marketing a medical device involves multiple vendors, and managing the process is expensive. According to an abstract released by the U.S. Office of Science & Data Policy in September 2022, the expected average cost of developing a single therapeutic complex medical device is $522 million, 85% of which arises during nonclinical development. This figure accounts for failed studies and capital expenses, without which the mean development cost is $54 million. Improving process efficiency, including with recruiting and staffing, means enormous savings for developers.

Trial Quality

Clinical trial quality, whether for a drug or medical device, relies on many factors, including study design, patient recruitment, internal and external communication, site selections, and timelines. Each factor depends on knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and experienced staff.

Why You Should Partner with Medix

Finding talent is time consuming and resource intensive. It involves identifying, evaluating, hiring, and onboarding qualified candidates and assessing their performance throughout the life cycle. Many medical device organizations struggle to find enough staff with the expertise to see a project through effectively.

The solution is to employ an organization dedicated to recruiting staff and familiar with the requirements for bringing a medical device to market. Here’s why Medix is the partner you need.

  • Industry knowledge: We have specialized in life sciences for over 20 years and have substantial experience with medical devices. 
  • Flexibility: With our short-term, long-term, and permanent contract options, you can support evolving project needs and shifting timelines as they arise.
  • Full-service, hands-on support: We can manage the entire recruitment process—sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding.
  • Improved engagement and retention: Using the MyPrint assessment tool, we can identify the candidates most likely to fit your organizational culture, engage with the work, and remain to the end. 
  • Cost savings: Lower turnover prevents having to find and vet replacements for top talent, sparing your organization’s financial resources.
  • Quality assessment: Providing on-demand access to productivity metrics, real-time talent tracking, and project spend, we leave no doubt about each candidate’s value to your organization.

A strong and scalable workforce is one of the keys to medical device success. Without the right talent when you need it, you risk losing footing in the spaces you wish to occupy. Don’t be left behind—employ Medix, a trusted expert in the life sciences. 

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