The Blended (and Right) Approach to Building a Healthcare IT Team

In healthcare IT, there’s a relentless push to innovate for the sake of improved patient care. This translates to investments in EHRs, CRMs, informatics, interoperability and more, along with the staff to conduct the related work. Here’s the biggest challenge: The cost of doing business is growing, making it difficult to assemble the IT team you need for your digital transformation efforts.

Consider the following:

  • The Federal Funds Rate is 5.33%. Just a few years ago, it was close to 0%. For healthcare organizations, this has made borrowing money significantly more expensive, as loan paybacks increase by hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, depending on the loan amount.

  • Pay for certain healthcare positions has risen sharply. Take travel nurses, who often make twice as much as their local counterparts. This could mean that organizations have shrinking labor budgets elsewhere, including for healthcare IT staff.

  • Technology consulting fees continue their steady rise, up $30 per hour over the past two years. This makes it significantly more expensive to extend your healthcare IT staff with temporary consultants, leaning on their expertise for specific projects.

  • There is lingering economic concern. In 2024, most economists put the chances of a recession at 50% or slightly less. This creates a constant sense of angst among leadership and finance, pushing them to focus on efficiency and ROI.

This leads you to a pressing question: How can our organization build a cost-effective, flexible, and productive IT team?

You can rely on a blend of permanent, internal staff and temporary, external staff from Medix Technology.

Medix Technology is a consultative staffing agency, capable of finding the healthcare IT talent you need at up to 40% less cost than traditional consulting firms. We employ an experienced, focused team of recruiters to continuously grow our deep candidate pool of specialized technology talent. And we work diligently to control our own costs to decrease our clients’ project talent costs.

In today’s environment, our staffing solutions have proven to help clients reach their digital transformation goals, while adhering to strict budgets. We’ve recently helped several hospitals and health systems complete projects and offer ongoing technical support related to application development, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and business intelligence.

“Consulting firms have an obvious role in any large healthcare technology project. At Medix Technology, we’re here to complement them, especially once a project shifts from strategy to implementation,” said Jeb Corley, Medix Technology’s Vice President of Information Technology. 

“There is a real opportunity in today’s tech hiring market, with more talented ‘gig’ workers than ever, to diversify your workforce. To build your own team to implement services which you would generally outsource, and benefit from the lower cost associated with it.”

To hear more from Jeb, check out our on-demand webinar, “Build a Flexible Healthcare Technology Project Workforce Amid Rising Expenses,” which is part of our Digital Healthcare Technology Summit.

Now is not the time to assume your current IT team can handle upcoming demand. Provide them with the outside assistance they need, when they need it, to transform your technology. Temporary staff will help reduce burdens, prevent burnout, expedite projects, and expand your internal knowledge for the future, all while enabling you to quickly and cost-effectively scale up and down.

It’s the only answer to your most pressing question.

Contact us to tell our experts about your organization’s upcoming technology projects, and determine how we can help.

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