The Future of Epic EHR Support: Health System to Save $2 Million with Shift from Consultants to Flexible Support Team

With volatile market conditions and unrelenting pressure to innovate, it’s critical for hospitals and health systems to cost-effectively manage digital transformation. This is most clearly illustrated with an Epic EHR implementation and its ongoing optimization, which can cost millions of dollars but also offer a major, measurable impact on care coordination.

See how one of our clients, a major non-profit health system in the southeast, is saving millions while innovating faster than their competition. In fact, they’re poised to save nearly $2 million per year by relying on MedixDirect, a blended staffing model which allows them to quickly hire long-term, certified Epic support talent at up to 40% less cost than traditional EHR consultants.

About Our Client

  • Non-profit
  • Located in major metro area
  • Tens of thousands of team members at multiple clinics and hospitals
  • Named a “Best Hospital” by U.S. News & World Report

The Challenge

The health system included dozens of clinics, hospitals, and large physician groups across their state. Significant staffing issues threatened to impact their Epic implementation timeline. These challenges were compounded by aggressive M&A activity and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than extending the timeline and delaying go-live, they decided to build parallel project teams to staff both the implementation and M&A efforts.

The Solution

Medix Technology helped to quickly rightsize their enterprise implementation. We also built a strategy to address gaps on their long-term support team at steady state. After addressing both needs, the M&A integration team needed to integrate two separate healthcare organizations into their Epic environment. The health system, Epic, and Medix assembled complementary resources to hit an aggressive timeline without compromising core build activities.

The Results

  • Initial implementation successfully complete
  • Integrated 35 consultants across ambulatory, rev cycle and technical roles

Post Go-Live

  • Placed 10 MedixDirect resources
  • Sourced 30 consultants for M&A team (project leadership, senior analyst, analyst, and technical roles)
  • Sourced 15 consultants (interfacing, security, and activation support)
  • Placed 16 MedixFlex analysts

Projected Annual Cost Savings


Current State
MedixDirect Conversion 
Steady State

45 consultants

4 open roles


Monthly spend = $1,008,000

45 consultants

6 MedixDirect

14 MedixFlex

Monthly spend = $1,329,600

25 consultants

6 MedixDirect

14 MedixFlex

Monthly Spend = $881,600

25 consultants

6 new full-time employees

14 MedixFlex

Monthly Spend = $846,080

Total Projected Annual Cost Savings = $1,943,040

How much is your healthcare organization relying on traditional consultants for ongoing Epic optimization and support? How much are you paying them? And how much flexibility are they offering from project to project? Perhaps it’s time to rely less on consultants and more on a cost-effective and flexible model like MedixDirect.

If you’re interested in learning more about our innovative Epic EHR staffing solutions, and seeing how many thousands or millions you can save, get in touch today.

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