The Only Way to Digitally Transform Your Healthcare Organization (and Stay under Budget)

In 2024, perhaps more than ever, fueled by unrelenting pressure to advance patient care, modern healthcare organizations must innovate. This translates to investments in electronic health records and customer relationship management platforms, along with technologies related to data, informatics, and interoperability. Because of inflation, rising interest rates, and tight budgets, the biggest hurdle to reaching any digital transformation goal is simple: cost. Fortunately, there’s a way to build the technology team you need, and save money in the process: Use the right blend of permanent and temporary staff on your healthcare IT project team.

Doing this enables you to assemble a flexible team. Instead of making a steep investment exclusively in full-time, permanent hires, potentially exceeding staffing budgets and having too much headcount during slow periods, you can invest wisely in your workforce, relying more on temporary talent for specific needs. Think of it on a project-by-project basis. For any significant implementation, for example, you will need to ramp up talent, but once you go live, you often scale down staff, or turn to new, specialized support staff for a certain period of time.

While it’s imperative to employ a flexible staff from a cost perspective, leveraging temporary talent also enables you to bring in expertise that your permanent team may lack—then share that expertise with your team before temporary workers’ assignments expire. So while you’re finding a way to cost-effectively reach short-term digital transformation goals, you’re also investing in your permanent employees’ by equipping them with new knowledge. It’s a win for all parties.

According to a recent survey conducted by QuestionPro and Medix Technology, nearly 40% of America’s healthcare technology leaders said that they plan to hire temporary workers over the next two years, mainly for the following reasons: to manage costs and stay within budget, and/or to have the ability to quickly scale staff up or down based on changing demand. And 52% of organizations plan to “explore outsourced staffing or consulting services” to accomplish it.

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That’s where you can rely on Medix Technology.

We help you overcome the challenge of assembling a flexible, talented staff under a tight budget. We know this is a common pain point for hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, which is why we’ve built diverse candidate pools, full of both permanent and temporary candidates—carefully vetted and highly skilled candidates who will power the digitization of your organization.

Because of significant differences in operations, overhead, and pricing structures—particularly our focus on leveraging high-level temporary job seekers—we can also save you money (up to 40%) compared to traditional consulting firms, without compromising the quality of the staff you receive.

The positions we fill include:

  • IT Business Analysts
  • ERP Developers
  • ERP Analysts
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Application Software Developers
  • Dev Ops Project Managers
  • Informaticists
  • Security professionals
  • Interoperability professionals


If there’s one thing that should be a part of your current healthcare technology recruitment strategy, it’s to start early and often. The increasing demand for flexible talent, combined with the persistently tight talent market, has made it necessary to build relationships quickly in order to land the best candidates. And those candidates-turned-new hires are the only way to reach your digital transformation goals in 2024.

Position your organization for success. Build the flexible, cost-effective healthcare technology team you need to adhere to tight budgets, yet innovate to new heights. Contact us today.

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