The Top Five Benefits of Using Temporary Staff to Manage Your Vaccine Clinic

With flu season fast approaching, and potential spikes in COVID and RSV possible, healthcare organizations are beginning to hire experienced temporary staff for their vaccine clinics. This helps ensure that their clinics are run efficiently, promoting the well-being of patients and employees throughout the fall and winter months. Here are the top five benefits of using temporary workers to manage your vaccine clinic.

  1. It’s cost-effective. Working with a staffing partner to hire temporary talent has consistently proven to be cost-effective. Why? Because it allows your permanent staff to maintain productivity and, in turn, focus on patient care and other duties, without being distracted by seasonal work. There’s no opportunity cost in the form of compromised care or lost revenue for your full-time workforce when a temporary workforce manages your vaccine clinic.
  2. It’s flexible. Leveraging temporary workers puts the responsibility on your staffing partner to plan, source, and onboard vaccine clinic staff, without affecting your daily operations. You have the option of hiring people for a few days or a few months. We’ve even seen cases where clients end up hiring short-term temporary staffers for permanent, full-time positions.
  3. It’s the best way to find professionals experienced in flu clinics. Here at Medix, we have a deep talent pool of medical professionals, including LPNs/LVNs, medical assistants, administrative professionals and even recently graduated registered nurses, experienced in administering flu, RSV, and COVID vaccines. They know how to quickly integrate with an organization and run a clinic with little guidance. This translates to a strong sense of trust and less oversight on your part, freeing you up to devote time where it matters most.
  4. It allows your permanent staff to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. Pulling your full-time staff away from their primary jobs can be detrimental to their most important care management or revenue producing responsibilities. This can negatively affect quality of care, quality of patient experience, and even your bottom line. Taking a seasonal vaccine clinic off their plates can do wonders for your organization’s health.
  5. It prevents burnout. You must manage your full-time employees’ workloads, and throwing weeks-long vaccine clinics their way can take its toll. For many administrative and medical positions, there are labor shortages, so they might be in high demand and ultimately be tempted to leave. Be conscious of their workload and mental state, and avoid expensive turnover by bringing in a temporary staff.

It’s best to outsource your vaccine clinics.
The benefits are obvious. Working with a staffing agency such as Medix to hire temporary talent is cost-effective, flexible, and makes managing your clinic easier across the board. Once you’ve determined the logistics and timing of your clinic, along with the projected number of vaccines and type of vaccines (flu, COVID, RSV), contact your staffing partner. They can guide you through the process of building the temporary team you need, so that your permanent staff can remain positive and productive.

At Medix, we have extensive experience staffing vaccine clinics, so that your employees and patients remain healthy during a vulnerable time. Connect with us today to staff yours.

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