Understanding Top Trends in EHR Advisory Services and Their Impact on Staffing

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has been a transformative force. As healthcare organizations strive to optimize their systems for efficiency, accuracy, and patient care, they increasingly turn to EHR advisory services. These services provide invaluable guidance on selecting, implementing, and optimizing electronic health record systems. In this blog, we delve into the top trends in EHR advisory services and explore their profound impact on staffing within healthcare organizations.

Top Trends in EHR Advisory Services

The transition to EHR systems has resulted in trends that impact various aspects of the healthcare industry, including staffing. EHR systems have streamlined processes and operations, increased patient engagement, and supported the growth of telemedicine. While the implementation can be challenging, understanding how trends in EHR advisory services impact the industry is crucial to EHR implementation in your organization’s practices.

EHR software, such as Epic, is becoming more essential to organizational practices, and having a consultant who can advise you on its implementation can be crucial to ensuring proper application and compliance. An Epic consulting service understands the impacts of current industry trends and can help your organization integrate this technology more effectively.

What the EHR Advisory Services Trend Means for Staffing

The growing use of EHR systems means additional opportunities and trends in the job market. More healthcare agencies are integrating EHR software, which will have several key impacts on EHR advisory and Epic consulting services. Some of the effects you’re likely to see across the industry include:

Organizational Efficiency

According to a survey by the Medical Group Management Association, 52% of healthcare and medical organizations say that customer service and scheduling are some of the biggest challenges they face.1 Integrating EHR systems into current practices can greatly improve the efficiency of customer service and the scheduling processes. In fact, in partnership with EHR advisory services, we expect organizations to begin to streamline these processes and improve these areas of practice.

Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

EHR software can also help your organization boost patient engagement and satisfaction. Providing exceptional customer service while navigating scheduling challenges can be difficult, but healthcare organizations can overcome these obstacles and improve efficiency by integrating EHR software with patient engagement and telehealth platforms. We expect the continuing integration of EHR systems to lead to a greater need for EHR training and qualified professionals who can navigate this rising trend.

Telemedicine and Cloud Technology

The rising trends of telemedicine and telehealth have impacted healthcare staffing in both positive and negative ways. Telemedicine is opening additional opportunities for both healthcare and technology professionals, but organizations must adopt the technologies necessary to maintain productivity.

Additionally, the integration of telemedicine and other technologies such as cloud computing has partially contributed to the labor shortage of long-term, in-person clinical roles. With around 25% of patients utilizing telehealth and telemedicine platforms, 2 we expect an increased demand for EHR advisory services. This is especially true as more organizations turn to aggregated systems to manage EHR and virtual care programs in the future.

EHR solutions such as Epic can be extremely valuable for streamlining your organization’s processes, boosting patient engagement, and improving scheduling and customer service. However, forming a team of professionals who are certified and experienced with Epic software can be a challenge. At Medix, we unlock new pools of talent by identifying non-Epic-certified talent with strong aptitude to succeed on an Epic project, certifying and training them, and placing them at your organization, with significant cost savings to you. Contact us to learn how our Epic consulting services can benefit your organization.

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