Understanding Top Trends in Technology and Their Impact on Staffing

Many of the trends in healthcare technology relate to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing emphasis on data-driven decisions. Each of these trends has ripples that extend to employers’ hiring needs and practices, representing both opportunities and challenges to the health information technology space. Below, we review the top trends in healthcare technology and examine their impacts on IT staffing solutions.

Top Trends in Healthcare Technology

One of the most notable recent developments in healthcare technology is the application of artificial intelligence. While AI has seen widespread use across sectors, its utility in healthcare may be more remarkable because of its lifesaving potential. Medical providers can use machine learning, a type of AI, to analyze patient data to improve the accuracy of diagnoses and the efficacy of treatment plans. Not only that, but the same technology can be put toward predictive diagnosis, a big step forward for preventive care.

Another recent trend, which gained traction during the pandemic, is the rise of remote work. Even in healthcare, a sector that has traditionally relied on in-person patient interactions, we’ve seen growth in remote systems. In fact, according to GoRemotely, 17% of all healthcare workers have jobs that permit at least some work from home.1 Thanks to this shift in work environments, clinicians can examine and treat a larger number of patients, and the patients themselves have greater access to healthcare.

Some data-related trends have also been ongoing. One is the continued migration to the cloud, which has helped to improve data accessibility while reducing costs, risks, and resource reliance. Another is the expanded use of health data, as healthcare organizations are relying more on analytics and digitized systems to manage important information.

What Healthcare Technology Trends Mean for Staffing

From existing priorities to new developments, the trends in healthcare technology may have a considerable influence on staffing needs. Here are some of the impacts you can expect to see:

A Continuing Focus on Cybersecurity

Cloud-based data can be more secure than on-site storage, especially for organizations with limited IT resources. However, it’s not invulnerable, so healthcare organizations will need to ramp up their cybersecurity to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive health data. The challenge will be finding talent with the right skills and expertise, as 80% of organizations say they have trouble finding qualified candidates to handle their digital security.2

The Need for More IT Talent

Cybersecurity aside, healthcare organizations will need plenty of skilled IT personnel to implement and maintain AI tools and a cloud-based architecture. The former may require data scientists to structure and organize the data needed for system accuracy, while the latter will need various contributors to move the data and restructure applications for the cloud.

A Focus on Leadership

As many organizations struggle to keep pace with the tech developments in healthcare, they will need capable leaders to plan and guide their IT projects. That means recruiting project managers who have experience in the healthcare IT space and building the right team around them to foster project success.

Bringing your organization up to date on the tech front relies on identifying the right talent to implement, optimize, and manage complex systems. The talent you need is in high demand in healthcare and beyond, so competition can be fierce. However, by working with a staffing partner such as Medix, you can access a nationwide pool of high-quality candidates with the expertise needed for your organization to thrive in areas such as cloud services, cybersecurity, data science, and more. Reach out to us today to see how we can support your needs.

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