What Is a Care Management Staffing Agency?

Care management can provide a host of benefits to the healthcare ecosystem. Conducted appropriately, it offers holistic perspectives on patients across all segments of the healthcare team, tailors care to the individual, elevates care delivery, reduces risks, and improves health outcomes. 

As in all areas of healthcare, staffing for care management roles is often challenging because of the imbalance between job vacancies and the number of qualified candidates available to fill them. According to the American Hospital Association, we can expect to see a shortage of up to 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2026.1 As a result, identifying talent, much less attracting and hiring key players, may be more time- and labor-intensive than many organizations can sustainably manage. The solution lies in working with a care management staffing agency.

What Is a Care Management Staffing Agency?

A care management staffing agency is a firm that specializes in matching healthcare employers with the talent they need to implement individualized, patient-first care strategies. 

Care management centers on catering to the health of populations. Different segments of society may have distinct experiences with what the World Health Organization describes as the “non-medical factors that influence health outcomes.”2 Health organizations must address variables such as economic stability, access to education and healthcare, housing environments, and social and community contexts to provide quality care for the people they serve. Otherwise, the underlying causes of common health problems may persist, disproportionately affecting underserved communities.

The care management approach involves collaboration between a wide range of professionals both within and adjacent to the healthcare sector. An effective care management staffing agency should have access to a talent pool that reflects all relevant facets, including but not limited to:

  • Nursing
  • Case management
  • Care coordination
  • Counseling
  • The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)
  • Community health
  • Health outreach

Aside from the quantity of talent, an agency must also account for professional quality. HEDIS, for example, relies on data that centers on the use of specialized technology. So improving HEDIS quality measures requires staff members with enough skill and experience to handle the high-level administration involved with collecting, analyzing, and reporting the necessary data sets. A team member experienced in care management understands that need and knows how to identify appropriate talent for the job. 

Advantages of Working With a Care Management Staffing Agency

Here are some of the ways that working with a care management staffing agency can place your organization at an advantage.

Industry Expertise

Because a care management staffing agency specializes in care management, you can base your partnership on a foundation of familiarity and industry insights. Medix, for example, has worked with healthcare employers for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve become familiar with how health organizations operate, how the healthcare sector can evolve, and how employers can stay ahead of the curve on their staffing needs. This expertise enables us to provide tailored recommendations and solutions to meet your staffing needs efficiently, potentially saving your organization valuable time and resources. 

Specialized Talent

Because we understand the care management market, we also know how to cultivate a talent pool that can meet even the most specialized criteria. If you need credentialed personnel, such as nurse case managers or licensed social workers, your partnership with Medix grants you the access you need. We vet every prospect in our talent pool rigorously so you can be certain of their qualifications, ultimately reducing costs associated with prolonged recruitment efforts.

Comprehensive Workforce Management

Before you can bring someone on to your team, you must first recruit prospects, screen for the top candidates, and interview your leading choices. Afterward, there’s the onboarding and training, not to mention progress-tracking to ensure that your hire is working out as you hoped. These activities require a lot of time and resources, which many health organizations don’t have enough of.

Working with a care management staffing agency can spare you from tying up your resources in hiring. With Medix, your recruitment team takes the wheel. The process begins with detailed planning. Our hiring experts can help you build a recruitment strategy based on market and industry data. From the very beginning, we’re there beside you. We can direct our talent search based on your staffing needs and ideal candidate profile. 

Then, we turn to our nationwide pool of candidates to identify candidates who match your requirements. With more than three million certified and skilled prospects within reach, we can help you find the people you need to fulfill your seasonal, project-based, or permanent staffing demands. Medix’s vigorous screening and validation system, based on our proprietary MyPrint assessment, can help to ensure that your new talent not only possesses the necessary qualifications but also fits seamlessly into your organizational culture. This can help to reduce turnover costs associated with poor cultural alignment.  

Even after securing the top talent, your Medix recruitment team can support your ongoing staffing activities. For example, we streamline the early stages of employment with digital tools that keep you connected with each employee’s onboarding. We also use productivity metrics and real-time tracking of talent hours to keep you posted on their performance. 

By providing comprehensive workforce management solutions, Medix allows you to staff your organization with high-quality contributors and promote employee engagement and long-term retention.

Team Up With Medix To Meet Your Care Management Staffing Needs

Let Medix help you build your organization’s care management team. Just send us a message online to let us know your staffing needs, and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

  1. “Fact Sheet: Strengthening the Health Care Workforce,” American Hospital Association, May 26, 2021, https://www.aha.org/fact-sheets/2021-05-26-fact-sheet-strengthening-health-care-workforce.
  2. “Social Determinants of Health,” World Health Organization, February 23, 2024, https://www.who.int/health-topics/social-determinants-of-health.
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