What is a Medical Device Staffing Agency?

Medical device engineering and manufacturing are key parts of the healthcare industry. Professionals in these fields have several responsibilities, from designing new medical devices and assembling them on the production line to marketing them to healthcare providers once they’re ready for sale. Since these jobs use technical skills and specialized knowledge of manufacturing and the medical industry, it can be challenging to find the right talent to fill vacancies in this sector.

This is when you might consider employing the talents of a medical device staffing agency. Working with a medical device staffing agency provides many benefits that will make your hiring process easier. 

What Is a Medical Device Staffing Agency?

A medical device staffing agency specializes in finding talent for jobs in medical device engineering. Since these jobs arise in various industries, such as in healthcare and manufacturing, an agency that’s focused on recruiting for specialized roles in this field can make all the difference in ensuring you can staff for the medical device life cycle in its entirety, regardless of where the vacancies arise. 

Why Should You Use a Medical Device Staffing Agency?

Here are some key reasons why your organization should use a medical device staffing agency to fill your open roles: 

Exclusive Talent Pools

A major benefit of working with a staffing agency when filling your medical device-related jobs is the agency’s access to exclusive talent pools. More than likely, staffing agencies already have access to qualified candidates in their talent pools, since they proactively recruit candidates on a continual basis. Plus, they have access to talent who have already worked on other assignments. In this way, staffing agencies can use their talent pools to expedite the hiring process.

If staffing agencies need to expand the search outside of their talent pools, they know where to find candidates with specialized knowledge and expertise. Since staffing agencies typically write the job descriptions to advertise open roles, they can appeal to the right talent. This can give you a greater chance of hiring the best person for the job the first time around.

Specialized Skill Sets

According to Manpower Group, “69% of employers globally — a 15-year high — are struggling to find workers with the right blend of technical skills and soft skills, including accountability, reliability and discipline, resilience, stress tolerance, and adaptability. More than one in three organizations have accelerated their digitization as a result of the pandemic and 86% of those plan to increase or maintain their hiring as a result.” 1

This explains how companies in all industries find it difficult to hire talent with the skills they need, which is why working with an agency that specializes in medical device staffing can increase your chances of finding the best candidates. For example, jobs using automation and machinery, especially in manufacturing, require people with specialized skills who can safely operate them. A staffing agency can help find talent with these skills and guide them to apply to your open roles.

Key Insights Into Market Trends

Another significant benefit of working with a medical device staffing agency is that these agencies stay current with trends in environmental engineering and manufacturing. Best practices surrounding medical devices may change as technological developments and innovations emerge. Consequently, a staffing agency cognizant of industry trends can be a valuable asset during the hiring process. 

For example, a staffing agency will be aware of trends indicating that a new type of software or machine can increase the efficiency of medical device manufacturing. It then seeks talent familiar with that type of software or machine to ensure your organization has a qualified operator to use it, resulting in minimal impact on production.

Increased Cost Savings

Partnering with a staffing agency to hire specialized talent can result in significant cost savings for your organization. It gives you the flexibility to scale project teams as needed. An agency can work with your organization to adjust staffing for every stage of the development life cycle, providing a cost-effective staffing solution.

When you work with a staffing agency, you also eliminate the need to hire multiple vendors for different areas. Not only can staffing agencies handle sourcing and interviewing, but they can also manage onboarding, scheduling, and payroll management, minimizing those costs for your organization.

Confirmation of Compliance With Regulations

When hiring for an open job, you must comply with several regulations and labor laws. A staffing agency can help with this since its team has expert-level knowledge of all laws surrounding employment. This means you can rest assured that your job listings and interview processes adhere to regulations, protecting you and your company from litigation. For example, a staffing agency will guide you in classifying your open jobs as part-time or full-time to ensure you accurately reflect the exemption status and benefits offerings of each position.

Culture Fit

With a staffing agency, you can look beyond the recruitment and hiring process to focus on long-term retention. Staffing agencies can source candidates who align with your organization’s culture. At Medix, for example, we use a comprehensive MyPrint assessment to evaluate candidates’ culture fit. As part of the candidate package, you can review talent for their skills and fit to ensure they’re a good match for your organization. Plus, flexible options like temporary-to-permanent contracts can allow you to assess performance and fit before you extend a full-time offer.

Staffing agencies have access to focused talent pools, provide key insights into the market, and can help with essential hiring processes. When you collaborate with a staffing agency, you’ll save time, money, and energy while finding the ideal talent for your open jobs. If you’re looking for the perfect staffing agency for your organization, consider the Medical Device Staffing team at Medix. Our award-winning team is ready to help you find qualified and skilled professionals who have experience working with medical devices.

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1. “Global Talent Shortages Reach 15-Year-High As Workforce Transformation Reshapes In-Demand Skills,” Manpower Group, June 1, 2021, https://investor.manpowergroup.com/news-releases/news-release-details/global-talent-shortages-reach-15-year-high-workforce.