What Is a Technology Staffing Agency?

When you need to fill a technical role in your organization, the hiring process can take weeks or even months, resulting in lost time and significant costs for your business. Instead of handling the hiring process yourself, outsource this work to a technology staffing agency, like Medix. An agency can quickly find contract, temporary, temp-to-perm, or permanent employees with the technological qualifications you need. Working with a staffing agency can save you time and money and provide many other benefits.

What Is a Technology Staffing Agency?

A technology staffing agency finds, recruits, and hires talent with specialized skill sets for different companies. Staffing agencies can typically fill a variety of roles, whether your organization needs temporary workers for technical projects or long-term, full-time employees. Technology staffing agencies commonly partner with companies in fast-growing or in-demand fields. For example, Medix specializes in hiring skilled technology talent for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Advantages of Using a Technology Staffing Agency

Partnering with a technology staffing agency can have significant benefits for your business. Here are some advantages of using a staffing agency to find and hire specialized talent.

Time Savings

Hiring new employees for your organization takes time, especially when you need to find talent with specific skill sets. Recent research shows that it takes the average company in the United States 56 days to fill a technology role.1 Some roles, such as data scientist, take even longer to fill.

When you outsource the hiring process to a technology staffing agency, you can focus your efforts on other areas of your business. While you’ll make the final hiring decision, you won’t need to handle the day-to-day tasks of sourcing, recruiting, and evaluating talent.

Cost-Effective Option

If you manage multiple vendors for technology projects, those costs can add up quickly. A staffing agency presents a cost-effective solution for hiring skilled talent to help your organization execute technical initiatives. Whether you need help with database management, cybersecurity protocols, or software installation, a technology staffing firm can save you money on hiring specialized talent. In the long run, you can save significantly with a staffing agency compared to high-priced consulting firms.

Access to Skilled Talent

Like other sectors, the technology industry faces a shortage of skilled workers. According to a recent Deloitte report, companies experience ongoing problems with finding skilled talent for senior roles.2 Companies have trouble finding talent with skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Cybersecurity is another area where the demand for skilled operatives far surpasses the supply.

When working with a technology staffing agency, you have access to its network of skilled talent. You can specify the skills you need, and the agency can source and vet qualified candidates in those areas. Technology staffing agencies have cultivated a network of specialized professionals, and they can find people with the skills you need for your business to grow and succeed.

Flexible Hiring

There may be times when you need to hire employees for short-term tasks or projects. A staffing agency gives you the flexibility to grow your workforce temporarily. At Medix, we provide staffing solutions for healthcare organizations implementing an Epic electronic health record system. Our expertise gives an organization the flexibility to scale its workforce to handle the increased demands of EHR implementation. If you require skilled talent on a short-term basis, working with a staffing agency can be a great way to meet those needs.

You can also partner with a staffing agency to find and retain employees over the long term. An agency will work with you to determine your company’s needs and find talent that aligns with your organizational culture. Having the flexibility to hire both short-term and long-term employees can help your company navigate an ever-changing hiring market and a shifting economic climate.

Ongoing Support

When you work with a technology staffing agency, support doesn’t stop once a new hire joins your organization. A staffing agency will continue to provide ongoing support to engage with new employees. In this way, a staffing agency can enhance the employee experience for your workforce, leading to more job satisfaction and an improved culture.

A recent study found that the technology sector has one of the highest turnover rates of all industries at 12.9%.3 The support a staffing agency can provide, particularly during the onboarding process, can help lower turnover and improve retention. Besides onboarding, a staffing agency can handle scheduling, payroll, and talent pipeline development.

Partner with Medix for Your Technology Staffing Needs

A partnership with a staffing agency can be valuable for many businesses, whether you’re a big company looking to execute a large-scale technical project or a small company with limited resources for finding and hiring specialized talent.

When you need to hire skilled people for your next project or team, consider partnering with a technology staffing agency. Medix has over 20 years of experience working with healthcare and life sciences organizations. We understand the specialized skills you need for your business, and we offer flexible staffing solutions designed to help your organization grow or scale. To learn more about partnering with Medix, contact us today.

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