Why Should We Hire You? Your Job Interview Question Guide

It’s a common job interview question, and it’s often a difficult one to answer. Much of the time, “Why should we hire you?” is one of the first or last questions asked in a job interview. While it’s almost guaranteed that this question will come up, many people come to interviews unprepared to answer it. There are multiple ways to answer this critical question, but using the three key elements of experience, skillset, and confidence will make navigating this answer a breeze. 


When an interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you?” make a point to speak to your past work experience. Past experience directly impacts what you can do in a future role, so make sure to highlight what you’ve done and why it matters. 

For example: 

“I have five years of experience working as an account executive and leading a team of four people. I am confident that my past experience working with and managing people has prepared me for a new role as a sales manager.” 

Keep this part of your answer short and to the point, as most interviews will dive deeper into your experience at some other point in the interview. As this question normally comes at the start or conclusion of an interview, your answer should either set the stage or act as a conclusion as to why you’re the best candidate for the job. Either way, touching on your past work experience is a must when someone asks why they should hire you. 

Hard and Soft Skills 

While highlighting work experience is important, so is showcasing your skills. When asked, “Why should we hire you?” make sure that you include examples of both your hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills that you’ve used in past experiences. These can include knowledge of a certain software program, certifications in your area of focus, or the ability to operate certain machinery. Soft skills are skills and attributes needed to be successful in a position. These include skills such as communication, time management, and critical thinking. 


“Based on what I’ve heard, you need someone who can come in and hit the ground running. I have multiple years of experience working with Salesforce and Microsoft Office, so I’m very familiar with your systems. I’ve also developed strong client communication and problem solving skills over the course of my career that would make me a great fit for your team.” 

This answer highlights both the hard software skills that the position requires, while also touching on some of the soft skills needed to be successful. Including both your hard and soft skills in your answer will help show why you’re a great fit for a position. 


This one can be tricky. You want to state your answer confidently, but you don’t want to come across as overly confident or cocky. Hiring managers are looking for someone who is confident and well equipped to do the job, but also humble and willing to learn. Maintaining this balance is extremely important when answering a key question in your job interview.

For example: 

“I know that this is a highly sought after position, and I’m sure you’ve spoken with many qualified candidates. What separates me from others is the fact that I not only have a great track record of meeting and exceeding sales quotas, but I’m passionate about the industry and able to speak to the impact that this product can have on client businesses. I’m confident that I possess all the qualities that you are looking for, and I’m ready to start making an impact.”

The example provided lets the interviewer know that this person knows they have competition, but shows what separates them from others and confidently states that they’re the best person for the job. Keeping your tone confident will help you answer this question with ease.


There are many different directions that you can take when asked why someone should hire you, but by touching on your experience, skill sets and stating your answer with confidence, you can ace your next job interview.

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