Working with an Expert Advisory Partner to Maximize the Success of an Epic EHR

Are you planning to switch to Epic in the near future? Are you working on your implementation as we speak? Are you already up and running and continuing to optimize and support? No matter the stage of your Epic journey, it helps to have additional expertise on your side, particularly from an Epic-specific advisory and staffing partner like Medix Technology.

The Challenges at Every Stage of the Epic Journey

As a strategic Epic partner to hospitals and health systems across the globe, we have 20+ years of experience, and as an expert staff, we have 150+ years of combined experience. There’s no Epic challenge we haven’t helped overcome, and no optimization opportunity we haven’t capitalized on. Along the way, we’ve earned a 92% KLAS performance score.

If you’re beginning to plan for an implementation, you face a number of daunting tasks, including developing an accurate total cost of ownership (TCO) to dictate budget, a governance structure to clearly define roles and responsibilities, and a change management plan to reduce the shock waves felt by clinicians learning and using a new technology.

The actual implementation stage presents a host of new hurdles, including assessing your organization’s overall readiness for go-live, identifying weak areas (whether from a process or technology standpoint) that need to be addressed, elaborating on go-live plans to minimize disruptions, and continuing to carefully manage budget.

Once you’re live, like so many other organizations using the leading EHR platform, you should continuously maximize the performance by optimizing clinical workflows, selecting and adding key modules, improving revenue cycle operations, focusing on interoperability and data sharing, supporting and training end users, and ensuring user satisfaction remains high.

Partner with Medix Technology for the Solution to Any Challenge

We can insert ourselves at any stage of the Epic journey and make an immediate and long-term impact. We pride ourselves on end-to-end advisory, and we have a network of Epic-certified talent to either relieve your full-time staff by supporting short-term projects, or become permanent members of your organization as you optimize and scale.

We’ve also played a significant role in mergers and acquisitions, helping bridge technology gaps between what was once separate organizations. While integrating an Epic system across multiple hospitals and other healthcare entities that are merging is no easy task, by partnering with us, you’ll be able to align technologies, combine workflows, and roll out integrated examples of Epic across every part of your newly-formed organization.

You can learn more about our Epic advisory services here and our staffing solutions here.

We also invite you to learn more about our support in our brief video, “Strategies for EHR Planning and Execution with Medix Technology Advisory Solutions,” which is part of our Digital Healthcare Technology Virtual Summit.

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