Diversity, Equity and

The only way to live up to our core purpose of positively impacting lives is to embody that promise in our dedication to diversity.

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Medix is a company committed to equal opportunity in employment regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and express, age, religion or physical or mental disability.

Our equal opportunity commitment

Medix strives to build teams of diverse employees across our workplaces. These efforts are built upon three pillars of diversity, equity and inclusion: 

  • Recruitment: Create a diverse workforce that mirrors the communities in which Medix operates through an equitable interview process. 
  • Leadership Development: Cultivate a culture that allows all employees to have a fair and equal chance at promotions and opportunities for growth. 
  • Retention: Enact meaningful change and foster an inclusive environment, identified through trends in employee hiring, promotion, and turnover reports.

Impact Groups at Medix

Impact Groups at Medix are voluntary, teammate-led groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with our core values. Each impact group meets regularly to provide team support, enhance professional and personal development and create safe spaces for learning and growth. 


  • Women with Purpose
  • African American Network
  • Unidos (Latinx)
  • Medix: Mission Military

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