Compliance Positions

Version 3, Updated AUGUST 8, 2023


Athletic Trainer
Animal Science
Behavioral Health Case Manager
Behavioral Health Technician
Cardiology Technician
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Certified Nursing Assistant
Clinical Liaison
Clinical Trial Assistant-Site
Clinical Trial Assistant-Sponsor/CRO
CM Nurse Practitioner
Concrete Technician
Construction Manager*
COVID Vaccinator
CR Administration-Site
CR Administration-Site*
CR Administration-Sponsor/CRO
CR Assistant-Site
CR Assistant-Site*
CR Assistant-Sponsor/CRO
CR Assistant-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Associate (CRA)-Site
CR Associate (CRA)-Site*
CR Associate (CRA)-Sponsor/CRO
CR Auditor-Site
CR Auditor-Site*
CR Auditor-Sponsor/CRO
CR Auditor-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Biospecimen-Site
CR Biospecimen-Site*
CR Biostatistician-Site
CR Biostatistician-Site*
CR Biostatistician-Sponsor/CRO
CR Budget & Contract-Site
CR Budget & Contract-Site*
CR Budget & Contract-Sponsor/CRO
CR Budget & Contract-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Clinical Trial Manager-Sponsor/CRO
CR Clinical Trial Manager-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Compliance-Site
CR Compliance-Site*
CR Compliance-Sponsor/CRO
CR Compliance-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Consultant-Offsite-Site
CR Consultant-Onsite-Site
CR Consultant-Travel-Site
CR Consultant-Travel-Site*
CR Coordinator (CRC)-Site
CR Coordinator (CRC)-Site*
CR Coordinator (CRC)-Sponsor/CRO
CR Data Management-Site
CR Data Management-Site*
CR Data Management-Sponsor/CRO
CR Field Technician-Site
CR Field Technician-Site*
CR Field Technician-Sponsor/CRO
CR Field Technician-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Finance-Site
CR Finance-Site*
CR Finance-Sponsor/CRO
CR Finance-Sponsor/CRO*
CR IRB-Site*
CR Lab Technician-Site
CR Lab Technician-Site*
CR Lab Technician-Sponsor/CRO
CR Lab Technician-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Medical Writer-Site
CR Medical Writer-Site*
CR Medical Writer-Sponsor/CRO
CR Medical Writer-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Medicare Coverage Analyst (MCA)-Site
CR Medicare Coverage Analyst (MCA)-Site*
CR Nurse (CRN)-Site
CR Nurse (CRN)-Sponsor/CRO
CR Patient Recruiter-Site
CR Patient Recruiter-Site*
CR Pharmacist-Site
CR Pharmacist-Site*
CR Phlebotomist
CR Project Management-Site
CR Project Management-Site*
CR Project Management-Sponsor/CRO
CR Protocol Writer-Site
CR Protocol Writer-Site*
CR Protocol Writer-Sponsor/CRO
CR Protocol Writer-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Regulatory Affairs-Site
CR Regulatory Affairs-Site*
CR Regulatory Affairs-Sponsor/CRO
CR Safety/PhV-Site
CR Safety/PhV-Site*
CR Safety/PhV-Sponsor/CRO
CR Safety/PhV-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Sales-Sponsor/CRO
CR Sales-Sponsor/CRO*
CR SAS Programmer-Sponsor/CRO
CR SAS Programmer-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Scientific Liaison-Site
CR Scientific Liaison-Site*
CR Scientific Liaison-Sponsor/CRO
CR Scientific Liaison-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Scientist-Sponsor/CRO
CR Scientist-Sponsor/CRO*
CR Sub-Investigator-Site
CR Sub-Investigator-Site*
CT Technologist
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Dialysis Technician
Disease Management
Driver Courier*
Echo Technician
EKG Technician
Electrical Assembler
Emergency Department Technician
Emergency Medical Technician
Environmental Health & Safety
Environmental Scientist
Environmental Services Worker
Field Chemist
General Caretaker
Laboratory Manager*
Laboratory Technician
LVN/LPN Case Manager
Machine Builders
Machine Operator
Machine Programmer
Maintenance Technician
Mammography Technologist
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Quality Technician
Materials Scientist*
MDS Assessment Nurse
Mechanical Assembler
Medical Assistant Back Office
Medical Assistant Front Office
Medical Lab Technician
Medical Technologist
Metal Fabrication
MRI Technologist
Non-Certified Radiologic Technician
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Health
Occupational Health Nurse
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Aide
Ophthalmic Technician
Orthopedic Technician
PET / CT Technician
Phlebotomist – Mobile
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Aide
Physicians Assistant
Plant Manager*
Project Manager – E&C*
R.N. – Direct Patient Care
R.N. – Triage
R.N. Case Manager*
R.N. Quality Management*
Radiology Technician
Respiratory Therapist
Specimen Assistant
Specimen Processor
Sterile Processing Technician
Surgery Technician
Surgical Assistant
Ultrasound Technician
Validation Engineer
Vascular Technologist
Wellness Coach Nurse*
Work Comp Clinician


*Review Job Description for any DPC duties

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