successful FridayOh Friday, sweet Friday! For some, Friday afternoons are for coasting, and if you’re tempted to fall into that trap, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. After a successful week, you shouldn’t waste these remaining hours chatting around the water cooler or scrolling through social media. Instead, do these four things on Friday afternoons to set yourself up for a better, smoother Monday:

Review Your Accomplishments

Go through everything you completed this week and savor that moment when you cross the tasks off your to-do list! Giving yourself these rewarding minutes is the perfect way to end the week on a positive note.

Check In with Teammates 

Call your boss and teammates to see if they need any last minute assistance and learn what they foresee as priorities for the upcoming week. This will help you set expectations and plan accordingly. 


After you crossed off completed projects and talked to your team, take a hard look at what’s left to do and prioritize for next week. If you get a game plan in mind, it will be easy to get motivated to tackle the upcoming week.

Clean Up

This might seem simple, but taking time to tidy your workspace is another way to end a busy week on the right note. Organize those loose papers, go through desk drawers, recycle anything unneeded and then wipe down your desk. A clean workspace is a happy and productive workspace!

Remember, it’s a five-day work week, not a four-day week. Take full advantage of Friday afternoons, and get ready for a great weekend and another successful week at work! TGIF!

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