One rule to live by in your work, no matter what position you hold across all levels of a company, is to be punctual. How important is punctuality really? We give you the low down on why it pays to be on time!

It demonstrates professionalism as a manager.

It is important to be on time no matter what your position is, but this is especially true if you are the boss. Employees will follow the example you set, so it is difficult to gain respect for the rules if you don’t adhere to them yourself. Also, being on time or early demonstrates professionalism, and as the boss, you want your team to look to you as a respected leader passionate about your job.

It shows you care as an employee.

Just as punctuality demonstrates professionalism for managers, it does the same for employees as well. Employees who have a chronic issue with being on time can appear as if they don’t take their job or role seriously. Not the impression you want to give if you are looking to advance your career!

It sets your day off on the right foot.

Punctuality has functional purposes as well, one being that it allows you time to establish a foundation for a productive day. Getting in to work late can throw your entire day off; not having time to establish a goal list and schedule can hinder your productivity, and not alloting time in the morning to catch up on a mountain of emails can leave you bogged down for the rest of the day.

It prevents you from setting back your team.

This is true whether you are the boss or an employee. Failing to come to work or meetings on time can actually interfere with your coworkers’ productivity, not just your own. As a boss, you must respect your employees’ schedules. It can be very irritating for your team members to interrupt their tasks during the day for meetings you yourself are not on time for. As members of a team, being late when you are working collaboratively on projects can set back your coworkers with unnecessary delays.

Days in the office (or in the morning trying to get to the office) can be understandably hectic, but trying your hardest to emphasize the importance of punctuality can go a long way in establishing yourself as a leader and a professional!