Searching for a job requires a good memory. From tips for navigating online job boards, to resume formatting guidelines, to interview faux paus, there is a lot of information to remember! That’s why we’re spending this week sharing our recruiters’ top tips for job seekers in three common areas of concern: resume errors, follow-up flubs and interview missteps. Welcome to Medix’s Recruiter Cheat Sheet series! Each day, we’ll share an easy to save list of top reminders straight from the source.
As a job seeker, simply getting your foot in the door for the shot at an interview can feel like a monumental task. After all of the effort you’ve put in to get to this point, you want to make sure you’re making the most of the short time you have with a potential employer. Rather than getting wrapped up in the natural nervousness that comes in the hours leading up to the big day, take a minute to review our recruiters’ top tips for making the most of your next interview:

  • Map out where you need to be a few days in advance; this will help you anticipate traffic, locate parking, time your train, etc.
  • Arrive five to 10 minutes earlier than scheduled; not so early that is uncomfortable, but also with enough time to alert the interview team of your presence prior to your start time.
  • Make sure your answers are detailed and not simply surface level; the interview team will want to dig in, so be prepared with specific examples.
  • Do your research before the interview and ask relevant questions.
  • Research the company, not only the position you have applied for.  We personally love when candidates tie Medix’s core values and other company specifics into their answers!
  • Always ask what the next steps are in the process, and establish an agreed upon timeline for following-up.
  • Express your interest at the end of the interview if you are truly interested in moving forward in the process; you need to continue to sell yourself to the team, even after the formal questioning ends.
  • Shake hands and make eye contact with everyone you meet; honest interactions go a long way.

An interview should be a time for your confidence to shine! Don’t let the chaos and confusion of the job search allow you to succumb to common interview missteps; keep our recruiters’ cheat sheet handy before your next interview! What did we leave out? Share your favorite tips in the comments below

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