Match Fluctuating Epic EHR Support Needs with Certified, Subscription-Based Analysts with MedixFlex 

For technology leaders at most hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, digital roadmaps include ongoing optimization of their Epic EHR—including enhancements, support, and training for end users. While this requires a substantial investment in Epic-certified staff, organizations need cost-effective staffing solutions to adhere to strict budgets, along with flexibility to be able to quickly ramp up and down based on project needs.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that provides all of this: MedixFlex. MedixFlex is an alternative to traditional outsourcing and consulting. It comes with many of the benefits of consulting, including deep expertise and knowledge, but with greater cost control, flexibility, and operational efficiencies. And it’s backed by a leading Epic EHR staffing agency, Medix Technology, which operates as a quality-focused extension of your team.

Speaking of your team, it’s important to regularly pause and ask yourself questions about your Epic support, including:

  • Have you had the team in place to offer sufficient support in past years? 
  • What about for large-scale optimization projects, when resources are in high demand? 
  • Has the support translated to end-user satisfaction? 
  • Are you on track to fall under budget?

The answers to these questions can prompt valuable conversations among your organization’s Epic leadership team, and help you strategize for the future. When we discuss these questions with clients, we often identify ways to optimize. For example, with healthcare’s relentless push to innovate, yet organizations’ concerns about increasing budgets, we’ve seen a growing demand for contract or temporary analysts to fill gaps at a lower cost than additional full-time hires.

With MedixFlex, you can lean on certified Epic analysts and support staff on a subscription basis, augmenting your workforce to align with support initiatives. You can plan month-by-month, identifying the types of temporary resources and number of hours needed—you can even adjust the hours as you go for a newfound level of agility and cost control. On average, by using MedixFlex, you can expect to save approximately 25% compared to typical consulting models.

When introducing contractors or temporary staff, a common concern is how well, or not, they will integrate with your existing team. You might wonder if they’ll embrace your organization’s culture, understand your clinicians’ clinical workflows and technology needs, and work seamlessly with your full-time Epic support staff. It’s a valid concern for any type of workforce augmentation. Here at Medix Technology, we assess certified professionals to project how well they will adapt to your organizational tools, policies, and procedures, and, ultimately, complement your internal applications team.

When it comes to ongoing Epic support and optimization, there’s a direct correlation between having a flexible staff and reducing costs. Because while you have an overarching strategic plan, it consists of projects, and projects call for short-term bandwidth, expertise, and skills which may not exist on your full-time staff.

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