Flexibly augment your Epic team without needing to add full-time headcount or costly traditional consultants.

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That’s what our clients tell us is key to their successful Epic strategies. The challenge is having the flexibility to align resources to your roadmap support without needing dedicated full-time employees. MedixFlex™ is a subscription-based staffing solution that provides on-demand access to dedicated and certified analysts to quickly onboard and integrate into your project team–no full time employees necessary.

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How does MedixFlex work? 

Fill analyst roles across all areas of your Epic team with the right level of experience.

Gain the flexibility to scale hours up or down based on project load over time.

Assign tasks and provide feedback on talent’s performance, defining exactly what success means.

Get the expertise of a traditional Epic consultant—at a 25% lower cost than traditional models.


Health System to Save $2 Million with Shift from Consultants to Flexible Support Team

Read how a major non-profit health system is saving millions with a blended staffing model of MedixDirect® and MedixFlex.

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“A Valued, Trusted Partner for our Hiring Needs.”

For more than 20 years, Medix has helped industry leaders staff hard-to-fill roles that require highly-specialized, high-performing candidates.

“The people we hired from Medix were textbook perfect, with a lot of experience with the project we were working on. There couldn’t have been a more perfect solution.”

Medix Technology Client
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“Medix is flexible, able to staff a project, and really good at scouring and tracking down the types of resources we need.”

Medix Technology Client
via KLAS Research

“The thoroughness of the applicant process by far outweighs the competition.”

Medix Client
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Looking for a hybrid approach for your Epic staffing needs?

MedixDirect® is a unique, blended staffing model that creates new pools of Epic-certified candidates to quickly assemble your skilled project team and gives you the option to hire and retain for the long-term—all at up to 40% lower cost than traditional EHR consultants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MedixDirect® is a unique staffing model that creates new pools of Epic certified candidates by recruiting local talent. These candidates give you the option to hire for hard-to-fill positions and also retain-long term, at a lower cost than traditional EHR consultants. MedixFlex is a subscription staffing model of Epic-certified analysts with the right skills to match any of your needs at any time. With MedixFlex, you can flex up or down to continuously augment your workforce based on demand, while also controlling costs.

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority, and a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) will be assigned to each client to ensure complete satisfaction with every MedixFlex analyst assigned.

MedixFlex allows you to add hours and modules or scale backward, as needed, as well as end individual roles with 90 days notice.

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Hire and retain specialized talent to achieve your organization’s technology goals and mission.

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