Medix’s Top 5 Trending Articles: November Edition

With 2024 looming, healthcare and life science leaders and hiring managers are looking for ways to set their organizations up for success in the new year. For many, this means finding ways to build and strengthen both their clinical and technology teams, while keeping in line with their new year’s budgets. Some of our latest content contains insights and best practices to help you accomplish just that.

Here’s what was trending in the month of November.


1. Medix Technology Digital Healthcare Technology Virtual Summit

Healthcare organizations are in an era of constant digital transformation and innovation, fueled by the fires of competition, patient needs, and provider demands. Success means more than just keeping pace—it’s about leading the charge. Join our leading Epic EHR experts and seasoned healthcare IT leaders for on-demand sessions full of actionable insights and proven solutions for navigating EHR implementations and staffing IT projects. The future of healthcare tech is now—don’t just witness it, be a part of the evolution.

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2. How Your DSO Can Reduce Revenue Cycle Staff Turnover

Nearly two-thirds of healthcare providers are experiencing staffing shortages in their revenue cycle departments. Finding, hiring and retaining the right staff is critical, and working with a specialized revenue cycle staffing agency is key. See if your current staffing partner, or those you may be considering, are using unique approaches and technologies to identify job candidates with the right skills, and, most importantly, with the right characteristics to fit your organization’s culture. 

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3. Major Health System Saves $7.5 Million with Medix Technology’s Epic EHR Staffing Solution

An Epic EHR implementation is complex and time consuming. Having a partner who understands the demands of the implementation process is critical for setting your organization up for success. Read how one Medix client saved $7.5 million with the help of Medix Technology’s Epic EHR staffing solutions. 

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4. Match Fluctuating Epic EHR Support Needs with Certified, Subscription-Based Analysts with MedixFlex

For many hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, 2024 plans often include ongoing optimization of their Epic EHR—including enhancements, support, and training for end users. While this requires a substantial investment in Epic-certified staff, organizations need cost-effective staffing solutions to adhere to strict budgets, along with flexibility to be able to quickly ramp up and down based on project needs. Fortunately, there’s a solution that provides all of this: MedixFlex.

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5. The Benefits of Having a Flexible Revenue Cycle Team—and How to Assemble One

The benefits of having a flexible team when it comes to your DSO revenue cycle team are clear. Your organization will save money, meet budget, react quickly, and benefit from new skills and perspectives. Start reaping the benefits of a flexible team now. 

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