Medix’s Top 5 Trending Articles: October Edition

The final months of the year are here, and from digital projects to managing new regulations, October was all about looking towards the future. Here is the top trending Medix content from the month of October. 



1. Transformational Talent—How Healthcare Leaders are Leveraging New Skill Sets in Their Digital Evolution

The U.S. healthcare IT market is experiencing astronomic growth, set to triple in size by 2030. But are there enough skilled professionals available to handle this type of growth? Join our team of healthcare experts from Medix and QuestionPro as they unveil data-driven insights and best practices on how healthcare technology leaders are navigating workforce planning for the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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2. How to Build an Epic Epic EHR Support Team in the Most Cost-Effective Way

An Epic EHR implementation is complex and time consuming, taking months or even years to complete and costing tens of millions of dollars. However, the end result is worth it, unveiling a platform that reinvents a hospital’s or health system’s clinical workflows and patient data sharing. Here’s how to build the best support team possible while still maintaining cost-effectiveness. 

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3. Beating Burnout: Proven Strategies for Building a Strong Behavioral Health Team

Did you know that approximately 160 million Americans live in areas with mental health professional shortages? So what can we do now to successfully recruit and retain behavioral health professionals from such a small pool of candidates? While there’s no easy shortcut, there are several ways you can beat today’s behavioral health burnout and build a strong team moving forward. 

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4. New EU Medical Device Regulations: Comply—and Maintain Revenue—with the Right Staff

The European Union is home to the world’s second-largest medical device market, and the United States is its leading supplier. With the new European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) likely to have a significant impact on American firms, manufacturers and distributors must be aware of the particulars of the new EU MDR and how it may affect costs and time to market for their product.  

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5. The Future of Epic EHR Support: Health System to Save $2 Million with Shift from Consultants to Flexible Support Team

With rising expenses and interest rates, yet unrelenting pressure to innovate, it’s critical for hospitals and health systems to cost-effectively manage digital transformation. See how one Medix client, a major non-profit health system in the southeast, is saving nearly $2 million per year by relying on MedixDirect, a blended staffing model which allows them to quickly hire long-term, certified Epic support talent at up to 40% less cost than traditional EHR consultants.

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