Unlocking Pharmacy Performance: Tailored Staffing Solutions for Every Need

Like many areas of healthcare, the pharmacy industry continues to deal with widespread staffing shortages and increased levels of burnout. Unique staffing challenges present themselves in different pharmacy settings, including inpatient, retail, and closed-door pharmacies. Medix offers customizable staffing solutions for your pharmacy’s needs, whether you want to fill a temporary gap or require a highly specialized skill set for an advanced role. Learn more about the staffing services we offer and discover why a partnership with Medix may be beneficial for your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Staffing Services for Every Scenario

At Medix, we offer a range of staffing services to ensure your pharmacy can operate efficiently. Whether you need temporary pharmacy staffing or qualified long-term  employees, we can help. We provide the following staffing services for pharmacies:

  • Temporary and contract placements: We can provide temporary and contract placements if you need a pharmacy technician or pharmacist for a short period. You may benefit from this service if you need extra help to cover shifts or manage seasonal demands.
  • Contract-to-hire: With a contract-to-hire placement, you can learn whether a pharmacy technician or pharmacist is a good fit before extending a permanent job offer. It’s a great way to ensure you’re hiring the right individual who will work well with your team.
  • Permanent placements: When you need to fill a permanent role within your pharmacy, we can provide access to qualified talent in your area. We specialize in pharmacy recruiting and thoroughly vet the top candidates to deliver high-performance talent to your organization.

Customizable Staffing Solutions for Pharmacies

We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all staffing solution for pharmacies. At Medix, we know the unique challenges facing the industry, which is why we customize our staffing solutions to meet your pharmacy’s needs. Whether you manage a large inpatient pharmacy or a small retail outlet, we can provide customizable staffing solutions to address your specific challenges.

Inpatient Pharmacies

Inpatient pharmacies, such as in hospitals or surgical centers, have become a fundamental part of clinical programs and cost-saving measures. However, this has resulted in increased burnout, with many people leaving the sector. Recent research shows 53.6% of hospitals reporting pharmacy service integration coupled with declines in staffing.1 There’s a growing need for high-quality pharmacy technicians to adopt additional responsibilities, allowing pharmacists to focus on broader initiatives.

When you partner with Medix for your inpatient pharmacy, you can have access to our vast network of highly qualified pharmacy technicians. Many candidates in our network have extensive experience working in inpatient pharmacies, and they understand how to meet the demands of this fast-paced environment. Hiring technologists who can manage increased responsibilities can free up your pharmacists’ time and alleviate burnout among your team.

Retail Pharmacies

While staffing issues among giant retail pharmacies have been well-documented, smaller community pharmacies have been no less affected by the current shortage of workers. The National Community Pharmacists Association found that 67% of community pharmacy owners and managers have had difficulty filling open positions. Among those surveyed, over 80% said that pharmacy technician roles were the hardest to fill.2

Medix has experience partnering with independent and community retail pharmacies to manage staffing shortages. Whether you need a temporary technician to cover an employee’s sick leave or permanent placements, we have the resources and expertise to find qualified talent for your organization.

Warehouse and Closed-Door Pharmacies

For warehouse and closed-door pharmacies, staffing challenges often center on the need for specialized, highly skilled talent. These pharmacies need technicians with advanced knowledge to manage large inventories and complex medications.

If you’re having difficulties hiring for these positions, consider partnering with Medix Staffing Solutions. We can quickly source, recruit, and hire qualified people for your pharmacy and work with you to build a talent pipeline for your future staffing needs.

Benefits of Partnering With Medix

When you choose to partner with Medix for your pharmacy staffing needs, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency: By quickly filling open positions, Medix can empower your team to operate at full capacity, leading to improved efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: Rather than having multiple vendors and contractors, you can work with one to handle the entire process. We’re a cost-effective option that can help you manage your budget responsibly.
  • Enhanced patient care: When you work with Medix, you have the time and energy to devote to other essential functions, such as patient care. By freeing you up to focus on this part of the business, you can improve outcomes for your pharmacy’s customers.

Partner With Medix on Staffing Solutions for Your Pharmacy Team

Whether you manage an inpatient pharmacy or own a small community outlet, you want to ensure you hire the top talent for your team. With Medix, you can address staffing shortages, minimize burnout, and meet the increasing demands for improved patient care. Contact us today for more information about how Medix can help you with talent acquisition.

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