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2022 in Review: Positively Impacting Lives with You

In many ways, 2022 has been a challenging year. The fight against COVID-19 raged on. Global conflict shook our sense of security. Economic uncertainty left businesses and households with difficult decisions to make. Yet, through it all, our communities joined together...

Medix is engaged in the community (virtually and beyond). Join us at one of our upcoming events.

02/15/2023 @ Miami University Career Fair

02/15/2023 @ Virginia Tech University Connection Job Fair

02/16/2023 @ University of Wisconsin-Madison Career Fair

02/16/2023 @ Mizzou Business Career Fair

02/21/2023 @ Illinois State University Career Fair

02/22/2023 @ Missouri State University Job Career Expo

02/22/2023 @ University of Iowa Career Fair

02/22/2023 @ University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Career Fair

02/22/2023 @ Minnesota Private Colleges Fair

02/24/2023 @ University of Minnesota Twin Cities Job Fair

02/24/2023 @ Jobexpo.comm Career Fair

02/27/2023 – 03/01/2023 @ Research Billing Summit

02/28/2023 @ James Madison University Career Fair

03/08/2023 @ University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire Career Fair

03/26/2023 – 03/29/2023 @ VIVE

03/28/2023 @ University of Connecticut Career Fair

03/30/2023 @ Portal Innovations

03/30/2023 @ Plymouth State University Job Fair

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