Medix’s Top 5 Trending Articles: September Edition

From insurance to vaccine clinics, September was all about gearing up for the final months of the year. Here are the top trending Medix articles from the month of September. 


1. The Top Five Benefits of Using Temporary Staff to Run Your Vaccine Study

With flu season looming, and COVID-19 on the rise once again, it’s time to plan for your organization’s vaccine study site. Temporary staff is the best way to hire cost-effective, experienced staff. In this article, we expand on why that is and how a staffing partner can help. 

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2. Six Expert Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Local Nurses

Today’s nursing shortage is daunting, yet it can be overcome. Get six tips from Medix and Healthcare Brew experts to hire the best nurses in your local market, and stop relying on expensive travel nurses from other markets. 

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3. The Latest on Medicaid Redetermination and the Impacts for Your Organization

State health departments, payers, and providers have been working on Medicaid redetermination for months. While much of the workload to re-enroll or decline recipients has fallen on state administrators, payers and providers should be actively engaged with their members and patients to help them through the process. Here we discuss where we’re currently at in that process and how redetermination will continue to impact your organization. 

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4. Behavioral Health’s Increasing Role in Healthcare—and What It Means for Staffing

Behavioral health has become a priority for governments, patients, payers, and providers. With a push to put behavioral health on par with physical health, healthcare has begun to take on a “whole person care” approach. But what does this mean for healthcare organizations? How does it affect their staffing needs? 

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5. The Top Five Benefits of Using Temporary Staff to Manage Your Vaccine Clinic

Flu season is fast approaching, and with potential spikes in COVID and RSV possible, healthcare organizations are beginning to hire experienced temporary staff for their vaccine clinics. This helps ensure that their clinics are run efficiently, promoting the well-being of patients and employees throughout the fall and winter months. Here are the top five benefits of using temporary workers to manage your vaccine clinic.

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