Partnering for CDI Success: The Benefits of Working With Us

Partnering with a specialized provider of staffing solutions for clinical documentation improvement has several advantages. A specialized provider, such as Medix, offers in-depth knowledge of CDI processes, regulations, and best practices. We focus specifically on CDI staffing, ensuring an understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of filling talent gaps with qualified professionals.

With a trusted staffing partner such as Medix, health systems can overcome continuing CDI staffing shortages, reduce hiring costs, and streamline recruitment practices.

Expertise in Recruiting and Staffing CDI Specialists

Medix ensures the selection of only highly-skilled and experienced CDI specialists. This alleviates the burden on  CDI directors by giving back time and resources to focus on other priorities. With sourcing from a vast talent pool, you have access to qualified talent to fill your staffing needs. From temporary and contract-to-hire to permanent placement solutions, Medix provides the flexible staffing options organizations need to streamline CDI hiring.

Our trusted recruiting process makes it easy to find and retain healthcare talent, even with current labor shortages. Using Medix’s proprietary MyPrint assessment, you can evaluate and screen potential candidates, ensuring you find the best fit for your open roles. Medix’s staffing solutions also provide:

  • Comprehensive screening: Specialized healthcare and life sciences recruitment specialists help source, screen, and vet potential candidates. They analyze market data and industry intelligence so you can build a flexible workforce planning and recruitment strategy.
  • Rigorous candidate selection: Prospective candidates undergo robust screening, validation, and culture fit assessment using Medix’s MyPrint assessment. You get consistent communication, feedback, and detailed candidate packages that highlight both hard and soft skills for easily identifying the best fit.
  • Streamlined onboarding: Medix’s flexible staffing solutions also help streamline the onboarding process using our digital talent management platform. We provide real-time updates to keep you informed as candidates progress through the recruitment process.
  • Efficient hiring and retention: Send important candidate communications and access integrated time and attendance metrics.
  • Industry expertise and insights: Medix combines industry expertise with local and market data to help your organization develop successful recruitment strategies. Specialized teams understand the unique elements of the healthcare and life sciences industries to help organizations make informed decisions regarding electronic health record recruiting practices.

Alleviating Burden on CDI Teams

Medix provides a tailored recruitment process to identify and attract highly skilled CDI specialists. We understand the industry and use this expertise to structure flexible staffing solutions to ensure a precise match between candidates and your health organization. With contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement solutions, we focus on CDI staffing  and recruitment processes. This allows CDI teams to focus on their priorities, including operational processes, strategic initiatives, and core administrative responsibilities.

Benefits of Our Contract Staffing Model

Medix provides unique advantages. Healthcare administrators and CDI directors often manage multiple projects. By partnering with a trusted staffing solutions provider like Medix, health systems can realize several key benefits:

  • Flexibility and scalability: Our contract staffing model enables health organizations to staff up to meet demand. Whether you need additional CDI specialists during peak seasons or for a specific project, Medix provides a flexible solution.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Contract staffing also eliminates the need for long-term financial commitments, such as employee benefits. Staff augmentation like this allows health systems to optimize costs by hiring CDI specialists only when necessary.
  • Quality assurance: Medix ensures that all potential contract CDI specialists meet rigorous standards. Our thorough screening process means you only receive skilled and experienced health information professionals.

Partnering With Medix for CDI Success

Medix offers flexible solutions tailored to your CDI requirements. Whether your organization requires contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent staffing, Medix provides customizable options to adapt to your needs. By combining industry knowledge and expertise, we serve as a specialized CDI staffing solutions partner to help your organization streamline hiring, reduce costs, and find and retain top health information talent.

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